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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/5/12 10:52 A

Sounds like with your medical history that contacting your medical provider right away might be the best option.

Getting some B-12 rich foods might also help relieve the discomfort until you can be seen as well such as eating eggs or dairy, or vitamin B-12 fortified vegan cheese, yogurt, and non-dairy drinks; or fortified cereals.

Coach Tanya

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/5/12 10:24 A

I was also reading different articles that state it's usually not a good idea to take this drug if I have B-12 deficiencies. Which I have, I told them, it is written in the file as well that I have it. It can apparently cause severe problems. Though it is from the interent, it's hard to say how reliable it is.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/5/12 10:21 A

They asked me 3 times, do I feel relaxed, each time I shock my head no, after the 3rd time, they decided to continue with the procedure. I was telling them I am not your typical client, they wouldn't listen. Why would they listen now?

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
1/5/12 9:55 A

Have you called the dentist office to let them know what you are experiencing? They should be able to let you know if it is to be expected and normal or if is something they don't typcially see. That information may help you decide if a trip to your doc is necessary and advised or not.

Coach Tanya

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/5/12 9:04 A

If the headache stays for much longer I will go to the doctor and see what's up. I just wanted to see if other people's side effects were when they had to take Nitrous Oxide. I went to the dentist for fillings, needed it, didn't help me out at all. They kept asking me if I felt relaxed, I kept shaking my head no. They put a couple of needles in my mouth, next thing I knew, I blacked out. Came back, they stopped, they kept doing psychiatry crap on me, I told them that does not help me, them doing it is making it worse, the dentist said she's had hundreds of patients, it's worked on them, so if it works for them, it'll work for me, I told them I do not fit in the normal range of people. She wouldn't listen, kept on doing it. I am switching dentists.

But this was yesterday, I left the office at 2:39pm. I thought the headache at first was a side effect, then later thought it was because of how upset I was, I still have a headache and tasting metallic in my mouth 17 hours later. Just wondering if others had similuar problems aftewrwards. Not sure if my history of having low b-12 have anything to do with it.

I know a few people will say, best to see a Doctor about this, I will if I still have this headache.

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