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10/27/13 8:58 A

I bought a scale for that reason. The prepackged stuff is a little easier because like NIRERIN said, you can just divide it up evenly based on how many servings are in the package. But at the deli it depends on how thick/thin it is.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
10/27/13 6:49 A

1. A serving of meat is 3-4 oz.
2. How you get the meat sliced matters. You can weigh each slice or you can do a little bit of math. If you ask for 1/3 lb and they give you .34 lb ( the label the put on it has that info or just look at the scale when they are measuring it out) then count the slices, and divide it out. Say you get four, then each slice would be .085 lbs or 1.36 oz. But if you got it thin sliced there would be less beef in each slice, so it might only be an ounce a slice. But a thick slice might be 1.7 oz a slice. So you do need to do the math for what you get.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,249
10/27/13 12:48 A

3 slices of Deli Beef is about 150 calories...does that help you?

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10/26/13 10:23 P

The easiest way I have found to measure portions is by using a digital food scale. You can purchase one for $20 to $30 at places like Target or Walmart

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10/26/13 10:21 P

i have a question, i was told that deli lunch meat serving was 2 oz, like for lunch meat sandwiches, what size would that even be?

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