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10/18/11 5:51 P

thank you for the info, we ( if he mother leaves us alone) can look into this..did u use a private placement ?

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10/17/11 8:12 A

My husband and I just brought home our healthy ds who we adopted domestically as a newborn a little over two weeks ago. It was a very quick process for us (6 months since we picked up the phone and placed the first call to our agency). We are in the 30-35 age category and married for more than 6 years and had no preference to race / gender. Many agencies have high and low end age requirements for domestic adoptions, but in doing research on the internet people have written on blogs and forums that birth parents tend to pick people in the mid-20s to mid-30s more quickly for some reason. However, if you have been called to this miraculous journey than God wants to you be parents to a child out there, and will guide you through the process to the right child. Good Luck!!!

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10/16/11 8:05 P

We have adopted 5 times; our youngest is just 2 month old. When we adopted him, I was 48 and my dh was 53.

If you adopt domestically, most agencies have you create some sort of profile and leave the decision up to the birthmother. Even (most?) agencies that have age cut-offs for Caucasian adoptions usually don't' have them for AA adoptions. Our last 3 adoptions were AA or biracial.

Foreign adoptions have different requirements, based on the country in question.

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10/11/11 6:38 P

has anyone adopted a child ? Nic and I have been talking about this, and age seems to be a confusing factor. thank you emoticon

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