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12/1/11 11:27 P

You should be aiming at a fairly slow running pace (at this stage it is more important to get used to the motion of running, rather than worrying about the speed at this stage). Say about 4-5 mph.

Your walking pace should be fairly brisk - about 3-4 mph.

So your running pace will probably be slightly faster than walking, but the difference will not be huge.

The issue is not so much about getting your heart rate high enough, but more because running at extremely slow speeds involves almost unnaturally short steps, and doesn't really develop the running motion and impact enough to start your leg muscles and tendons adapting.


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12/1/11 4:37 P

You have to change the speed otherwise you aren't working hard enough during the run intervals.

If you hare having trouble with running, you may want to work up to being able to walk in the 3.0 to 3.5 range and then worry about runs after that has become comfortable. You can use the C25K intervals with two speeds of walking.

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12/1/11 4:13 P

You should change the speed on the treadmill for the intervals.

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12/1/11 3:55 P

Ok, let me start here. I'm doing week 1 day 1 and I am supposed to run for 1 minute and walk for 1 1/2 minutes and alternate for approx 20 minutes. I am doing this on a treadmill. So, when I go from walk to run can I adjust the speed of the treadmill? This is what I did yesterday and now I am wondering if I did this right. When I walked I kept the speed on 2.6, but when I started jogging I upped the speed to 3.6. Then I moved it back down to walk and then back up to jog again and so on. Is this ok or should I keep it on the same speed the entire time whether I'm walking or running?

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