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Below is an article re Stopping Sugar Cravings:

As far as the headaches are concerned, considering they are bad, I think that you are best to see your Dr. It may well be related to cutting out the sugar, but then it may not be. Your Dr will be able to evaluate the situation, and prescribe stronger meds if your Tylenol doesn't do the trick. Make sure that you keep a food diary, because this can be of help, too. Another thing to remember is to ensure that you eat ALL of your meals, and don't under-eat, because that can trigger headaches, too!


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4/2/13 11:26 P

Try eating some fruit. That way your body is still getting some sugar, but it is also getting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that aren't available in other super sweet treats.

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Depending on frequency and severity of headaches, you may have a problem totally unrelated to what you do or don't eat. How bad are they? How long and how often have you had headaches recently or in your whole life?

Maybe you should schedule appointment with your doctor.

When is the last time that you had an annual physical exam with your doctor?

Assuming that you see a doctor and you have no medical cause for your headache, your question here is what any of us have done about confirmed food-related headaches.

Whenever I changed my eating plan and I got a headache because of it, I just "toughed it out" and took Tylenol for a few days and it didn't take long for my body to adapt. Also, a little caffeine can help a headache so I'd have a small amount of coffee, tea, cola or other caffeine. Also, Excedrin has caffeine in it so sometimes I take Excedrin instead of Tylenol.

I'm not a doctor, and I don't play a doctor on TV, so the info above is just a description of what Ive done for myself, and not a recommendation that you should or should not do same.

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So I'm trying to cut the sweets and eat healthy but lately I've been having a really really bad headache. What can i do to help me control my headaches? I feel that its do to the sugar withdrawal

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