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6/10/13 11:38 A

I see many articles and information on non-meat protein sources and they rarely (almost never) include hemp seeds. Hemp seeds (otherwise known as hemp hearts) are one of the best complete sources of plant based protein and, are for some reason, being completely ignored. They taste better than flax or chia in my opinion and are very high in protein.

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6/10/13 8:57 A

greens have a lot more protein than people give them credit for.

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6/10/13 8:52 A

Beans, beans, the magical fruit........

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6/10/13 8:15 A

milk, salmon, pork steak

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6/10/13 5:42 A

Low-fat dairy, beans, quinoa, protein powder drinks, protein bars, boiled egg whites

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6/10/13 1:20 A

Leafy Greens
Cottage Cheese

Whole grain breads and pasta have protein in them too.

6/9/13 11:32 P much can be done with it....or just right out of the can if in a pinch... it is good on a hot day with tomato slices....downside I always want to brush my teeth or grab a mint...but it does have protein......

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6/9/13 11:17 P

Do you eat seafood? If so, you've got several good choices ...

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6/9/13 10:37 P

Any way you like. :)

There's protein powder (hello smoothies), or those "complete meal" drinks. You can eat eggs, or tofu, or beans in general. Nuts also have a lot of protein.

Try these links for more info:

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6/9/13 9:57 P

How do I get protein? I don't like meat that much.

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