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5/14/13 6:17 A

Milk Protein Isolate from True Nutrition - order online they deliver anywhere in the US and Canada - milk protein isolate mirrors the protein composition of milk so it is 80% (micellar) casein and 20% whey - at $7.99/lb it is a bargain

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5/13/13 4:48 P

Honestly I think what Abarie said sounds most realistic and true. Thanks Anarie emoticon

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4/10/13 11:41 P

What do you mean by "effective?"

The most effective protein is the kind found in whole foods, not powders. Eating protein powder to increase your protein is kind of like eating white flour to increase your carbs-- it will do exactly that and nothing more, which is kind of defeating the purpose. Protein isn't really all that important all by itself; when you eat high-protein foods, you're getting vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help the protein do its job. So, instead of whey protein powder mixed with water, can you just drink extra milk, maybe with a little non-fat dry instant milk mixed in? What about strained or Greek-style yogurt? When they strain it, they concentrate the protein without losing so much of the calcium, B vitamins, and so on. Or what if you add egg white to some recipes? There are a lot of ways to get high-quality, whole-food protein that is both healthier and MUCH less expensive than the powders.

4/10/13 7:34 P

My favorite is Optimum Nutrition ($50-55 for 5 lbs). Keep in mind that while that's a chunk of money to spend, it's going to give you 60-70 meals. You can find it in two lb cans, as well. I like to keep the vanilla flavor around to mix with berries, or cocoa powder, or peanut butter, or whatever. I also use it to make One-Minute-Muffins and pancakes... all kinds of stuff.

If you want chocolate, the best tasting I've found is Dymatize Fudge Brownie.

I usually buy mine at, which is where I get pretty much all of my supplements.

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4/10/13 3:34 P

I'm a vegetarian and wanted to get more protein. I've been using soy protein powder in my morning smoothies. It comes in plain, vanilla and chocolate. I like it. A can about the size of a coffee can is $15-20.

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4/8/13 10:00 A

i have approximately one serving of protein powder 4-5 times a week; i use optimum whey and haven't had any issues.

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4/8/13 9:01 A

I really don't trust the low value ones. For my protein powder when I choose to use it, I do the "Good' stuff. Mine is made from 100% green fed cows and is cold pressed. I get it in chocolate and vanilla. Depending on the brand which I get from my doctors-- it runs 45 for one brand and 60 for another. I have used and liked both.

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4/8/13 7:36 A

check your 'bulk' type stores for straight protein (whey, for instance) - with nothing added.

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4/8/13 7:29 A

I use Body Fortress Whey Protein Isolate (vanilla). I get it from Walmart. I think I have a 1lb container and it was about $15.00...a little does go a long way. I bought it maybe 2 months ago and I have protein shakes for breakfast 2-4x per week with only a scoop (sometimes 1/2 scoop) and I still have tons left.

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4/8/13 7:09 A

does anyone have a safe effective and relatively inexpensive protein powder they use?


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