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11/6/13 8:15 P

I looked at your nutrition tracker.
You are getting about 70 - 110 grams of protein on most days of the week. This is well within your SP protein range and meeting your needs for protein, and hunger control.

More protein would be a waste of your money.

your SP Registered Dietitian

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
11/6/13 5:43 P

Didn't lose weight until I added protein drinks. I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet. As the other poster said, check the labels. Cheaper is not always better.

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11/6/13 5:29 P

If you do decide to use it be very careful to read the label. Most are very high in cholesterol and sugar, but there are few that have neither in them.

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11/6/13 2:01 P

It's not necessary even when you lift weights. You really only need 1.4-2.2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight for muscle building. I do bodybuilding/power lifting, only require 75g-119g (which is within my Spark recommendations for protein) and do not use protein shakes. Unless you're a professional/advanced bodybuilder/power lifter during an intense training program, you do not require any more protein than the RDA recommends. In fact, a diet too high in protein can have negative effects on health such as kidney and heart disease, constipation, and osteoporosis.

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11/6/13 1:53 P

My Nutrition book says you should get your protein from actual food sources but people who exercise often, as well as athletes, should have a protein drink in order to help stimulate their muscles and give them slightly more energy. I personally have been using Whey Protein the past year when I lost my weight, but I also lift weights every day.

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11/6/13 10:45 A

I just think it's unnecessary when you can get protein from the foods you eat. If your diet is lacking in protein that's an indication you're not getting certain foods in your diet you should be and that you're likely too high in another macronutrient. With most people that's usually carbs. To me, a balanced diet (of carbs, fats, proteins) ensures you're also getting adequate micronutrients.

Eat more protein, reduce your carbs... namely; added sugars and heavily refined grains.

A balanced diet and choosing the right foods helps with satiety.

HIMELISSA2007 Posts: 1,992
11/6/13 9:47 A

Some say it is unnatural others say it helps hunger. I don't know what to choose

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