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CELESTE617 Posts: 687
9/10/14 1:04 P

I am a mom and have a seriously bad heart condition with complications. emoticon

MABLEMONSTER SparkPoints: (2,859)
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9/4/14 9:55 P

Yep that pretty much what I did I had to change my number so she wouldn't call me all day long and try to upset me all the time I almost had a nervous breakdown cause of her so that's what I had to do ,I talk to her every so offer she mostly emails me that's about it thanks for the kind words

LIZAPO Posts: 774
9/4/14 4:53 P

Mothers find out our weakness and use that to their advantage, very simple..I've learned to not fall victim to her antics, plots and schemes. Sometimes we have to let people go even if we love them. emoticon

MABLEMONSTER SparkPoints: (2,859)
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9/4/14 10:13 A

K thank you

CRRHOUGHTON SparkPoints: (109)
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9/3/14 5:55 A

That is a hard issue to deal with. You must feel like your the parent some times. Dealing with a loved one of whom has a mental disorder is very complicated; you do not know who to expect from day to day. People with bi-polar have medication that they cannot do with out. It may be that she has not been taking it. People with bi-polar can be mean and out of control. Advise your mom that you or your children will not be around if she does not take her meds.

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (8,828)
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9/2/14 7:14 P

Stick up for what is right. Moms don't have the say-all know-all just because they're moms.
Be respectful, but tell her that she's doing something wrong.

My mom likes to walk all over me at times, and it's very hard to put my foot down, but ya know what....I am NOT a door mat...and she can't treat me like one!

LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,503)
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8/12/14 12:59 P

Sorry you are dealing with this.
I would limit my visits and keep my son away from her as much as possible.

MABLEMONSTER SparkPoints: (2,859)
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8/11/14 8:53 P

My mom is very cruel and mean she tries to talk my nephew into running away fro home and whenever I take my son to my mom I tell him to do something then she says he doesn't have to , she just makes me depressed bad tells me something is wrong with me ,she got bio-polar and is depressed , and has told me she makes me upset for a reason, I had to change my number so she wouldn't bother me all the time ,Anyone else have this same problem?

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