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6/20/12 1:14 P

MSNINNA, don't beat yourself up. I can tell you as a man that we get hung up on our women's weight just too much. Truthfully speaking, your husband may be taken a back a bit by your weight gain, but in his heart, I think he's encouraged by your efforts to beautify yourself and get to a place you feel comfortable. Keep at it, and envision yourself as you want to look, sexiness and all. Let him know that you want to look good for him, and be together and healthy for the rest of your lives together. Good Luck!!

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6/20/12 9:00 A

It's possible that it just may be the long years of being together and it grew old. Never give up or let anyone take their negative thoughts down with you. You do you, and it will all get better. And hey, if you happen to lose the weight, it's for YOU! Maybe a bonus will come from it :P

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
6/19/12 7:14 P

You have made a step in the right direction, and I am sure with support from SP you will be a winner. "loser" emoticon

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6/18/12 2:35 P

ok so i have been with my husband for 13 yr, and in the last 3 years i have put on a wopping 200 pounds, he still says im sexy and all that but when it comes to our bedroom things are real slow like once a week, im just wondering is this normal for this many years or is it totally my fault because im so fat.....i never was skinny when we got together i was around 200 pounds but thats a far cry from 400 this really makes me sad to think mt husband doesnt want me any losing this weight for me but when i think about this it makes me have a bender i need some advise please help

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