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12/26/11 7:47 A

I know this is sort of after the fact but maybe it will be useful to someone.

My husband and I make prime rib every year for Christmas and I learned how to make it from a chef at Lawreys steak house in Chicago. She rubbed the roast with olive oil and covered it with lawreys season salt and black pepper and then roast it in the over 500 degress for 30 minutes (your oven needs to be very clean) then lower the temp to 260 until you reach an internal temp of 150 pull it from the oven cover with foil for about 20 minutes.

In the original recipe the chef cooked the prime rib in a bed of course salt and we have done it with and without and we prefer it without.


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Good luck & MERRY CHRISTMAS! emoticon

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12/24/11 4:47 P

We are too, good luck! Alot of videos on utube about prep work. Some good info.

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any body cook one of these before? I am going to try fixing one for Christmas dinner. Wish me luck!

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