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8/5/13 9:46 P

Just for those who are not familiar with the acronym, #ttc would mean "trying to conceive."

OP: not everyone knows that particular acronym; just for future reference. ;)

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8/5/13 7:22 P

Once you reach the second trimester, it's recommended that you not do exercises in the supine position (on your back). If you are currently trying to conceive, I agree with the previous posters that you're fine to do any core workout just like anyone else.

Coach Jen

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8/5/13 7:18 P

You have no different needs while trying to conceive than you would otherwise. Regular core workouts will strengthen your core the same.

Was there some other goal you had in mind that caused you to ask for a prenatal-specific workout?

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8/5/13 5:47 P

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there is no need for a specific core workout for prenatal. Post-natal, yes.

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8/5/13 5:29 P

anyone have suggested videos for core workouts? #ttc

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