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1/30/13 11:29 P

when you are doing strength training you do need a protein for muscle repair. I do drink a whey protein shake while I am lifting weights. I just don't seem to get enough protein in my eating plan.

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1/30/13 5:10 P


While I am not a nutritionist or RD, I will say that supplements are not the be-all-end-all that many people consider them to be. Because these products are not regulated by the FDA they can make many claims as long as they do not claim to cure/treat a disease, but that does not mean they are safe or free of dangerous substances. A few years ago a very popular protein shake that many body builders have known to drink was found to have traces of mercury in it.

I do believe that having a little protein, along with some carbs after an intense workout is helpful in the recovery process--as it helps restore your depleted glycogen stores and aid in muscle repair and recovery. But you don't need to waste your money on fancy supplements--a good ol fruit with peanut butter can do the job.

Coach Nancy

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1/30/13 4:43 P

My friend recommended some GNC supplements to take before running and before strength training.

She likes this one before runs:

She takes this one before weights:

She also says she drinks a protein shake after working out for a protein boost and aid in recovery. That sounds like a lot of calories to me though!

I am concerned that all of these things are full of weirdo chemicals, may taste disgusting -- and they're also pretty expensive. On the other hand, she swears they give her more energy for runs and allow her to see faster results from strength training. What are your thoughts?

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