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2/2/14 3:09 P

Very true FLORADITA. I often scramble a couple of eggs if in a hurry too. Have some oatmeal with that and some berries and then you have a full meal.

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2/2/14 3:05 P

I stay away from pre-packaged foods largely because I am as concerned about my health as I am my weight. It is really junk food, low calorie junk food but still not a healthy choice. I also find once I start eating processed foods, my resolve begins to slip and I start making excuses to eat more junk. I try to eat whole unprocessed foods, if short on time, scramble a couple of eggs.

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2/2/14 2:59 P

Your weight gain is probably the salt. I add very little salt to my homemade food.

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2/2/14 2:58 P

I am losing easily and not counting calories or carbs or fat grams....and I cook at home a majority of the time from ingredients in the most natural state possible. I precook and freeze if I don't think I will have time to cook. I also can fruits and vegetables when they are fresh for eating during the non-growing season.

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2/2/14 2:47 P

Pre-packaged food is meant to be a meal replacement, for when you have no time to create a healthy meal. They are horrible food, but will do in a pinch. A lot of people eat them, because they are marketed as helping us lose weight. They don't make us healthy though, and often fail to cause weight loss.

Much better to try the opposite, eat healthy, whole foods, aimed at improving health, and weight loss will happen. Our bodies were meant to store fat as energy, and then burn it, so if you are eating healthy, at a proper calorie allotment, the body will shed fat easily, and the scale will drop. Eating a bunch of salty food in a box, with unidentifiable ingredients, isn't healthy, which is why the only way people lose weight is by sticking to lower calories.

They have a purpose, but most of the time, we should be eating a made from scratch meal, so we know what is in them, and can decide how healthy we want to make them. The goal of a food manufacturer is to make you want to eat more, since otherwise they go out of business.The hope is that you will eat enough salt to be thirsty, and drink a beverage they also sell, or some sugar, and go on a binge, hopefully eating something they sell, like low-fat brownies!

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2/2/14 8:50 A

I've never seen a difference in myself relaying to sodium, but I have also considered that eating fewer packaged foods may be why I'm losing weight more steadily.

I did WW living off of Lean Cuisines, Cheerios, soy milk, and sugar-free products. It's a wonder I wasn't starving! I hardly ate anything. Now, I eat 90% real food, and I eat at least twice as much food.

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2/2/14 8:41 A

It's the sodium. You can't gain three pounds in four days of actual fat unless you over-eat (above maintenance even, not just above your weight loss level) to the tune of about 10000 calories, which you'd probably be making of a note of here instead of the processed food. Especially if you've been eating very "clean" and don't normally cook with salt or add it to your food, suddenly going to frozen dinners is going to make a noticeable difference. It's still just water. If you kept on eating that way for a couple of weeks you'd see that weight gone again soon enough as your fat loss continued. If you go back to how you were eating before, you'll see the weight gone in a matter of days as the sodium leaves your body. Nothing to do with fat.

All that said, I do believe that using too many processed foods does interfere with the loss of real weight, just in a different way. I don't think it keeps you as full as 'real' homemade food does; and I thing the overuse of some ingredients (salt among them) can lead to over-eating elsewhere as well. And of course the scale bouncing around all over the place due to sodium fluctuations can be an issue of itself. It's bad enough even when inconsistent diet is not an issue.

2/2/14 3:57 A

I always keep frozen meals in the freezer even though I know the sodium is more than I should have. Because if I am in a pinch, I will go to Freddie's or some other fast food place and eat something worse.

I also cook for a few hours on a day off and make my own frozen meals. I roasted a turkey breast, sliced it up, added 2 vegetables...broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, brussel sprouts. Ground turkey and black bean chili. Williams makes a no salt chili seasoning that is very good. Turkey meatloaf and a homemade soup. All of it freezes well and is great not only for dinner but I take them to work for lunch. I have been making enough for a few weeks at a time so the only thing I go to the supermarket for is perishables. The less I am in the supermarket, the more apt I am to stay away from things I know will have me craving and eventually binge eating.

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2/2/14 1:54 A

packaged food totally makes me gain weight or stall any loss. I am very sensitive to salt since losing weight. Cottage cheese has a lot of salt as well which I didn't know. And I eat that to hit my protein goal daily. It's a toss up. A packaged WW meal is going to be better than a drive thru/fast food meal. You just need to pick the lesser of the 2 evils sometimes!!!

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2/2/14 1:17 A

For convenience and speed, I like to do scrambled omelets in the microwave; just egg, spices, a splash of milk, and veggies or cheese and/or meat. Takes less than 2 minutes, costs less than 25 cents, and no added fillers.

2/1/14 6:53 P

To me health trumps everything because if your body is healthy you will be a healthy weight.

All you have to do is read the ingredients list on most pre-packaged foods to know they are not going to help you become a healthier person.

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2/1/14 2:13 P

We try to eat clean, whole foods. It's rare to have pre-made box meals in this house. Since adopting that dietary plan, my body doesn't want to accept many processed foods. It simply doesn't taste like "food" to me anymore. I think I like that! And it's not that much more trouble to make it myself, since I like to have "cooking days" when I make several large meals and portion them out to freeze for later. I know what's in them, I know the portion is right, and they taste better. Most cases, it's a lot cheaper, too.

We're on a Rx/prescribed reduced-carb diet, and even if I eat the Atkins pre-made meals, it stalls me. I can do their shakes, but that's all.

I still find homemade to be tastier than anything.

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2/1/14 1:15 P

I tend to lose weight more slowly when I eat more than one packaged food per day. I'm 90% positive it's the sodium, because the effect is much more noticeable if those packaged foods are particularly high in salt (like canned soups and chilis), and if I follow with a low sodium day or a high sweat day, any net stall or gain generally goes away immediately.

My weight loss is much more consistent (and maintenance is much easier to track) when I avoid most packaged foods. It also tends to be more appetizing and more satisfying, and I like to try at least one or two new recipes each week.

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2/1/14 1:04 P

I eat them. I just don't eat them every day. There are some days though that my family wants something for dinner that I just can't make work for my diet so then I will eat a WW meal with a salad or some extra broccoli.

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2/1/14 12:56 P

I tend to rely on certain processed convenience foods (primarily seasoned and frozen meats), and when I log them in the food tracker I can see the impact they have on my sodium. This MUST be causing water say nothing about possible high blood pressure! I would love to get away from them as they are likely causing much more harm than good, but they do call them "convenience" foods for a reason. I try to consume just one of these foods per day.

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2/1/14 11:58 A

I like the pre-packaged foods because it's so easy to control the portions and track the calorie counts. But, as you say, they can be high in sodium and maybe that is where your weight gain came from (water retention). That should go away if you drink a lot of water - it has that effect. I think what happens is that while your body is processing the new water you drink, it normalizes everything so that you get rid of what you're retaining, too. Good reason to drink plenty of water anyway!

Another thing I like about pre-packaged food is that there is a lot of variety. Also, the quality has improved over the years; I haven't tried the Top Chef recipe meals but I plan to (can't remember if that is Lean Cuisine or WW).

I saw a WW tuna salad sandwich prepared at a local supermarket. Not frozen - fresh and packaged. I thought, 'What a neat idea!' I love when portion control gets easy because someone else does it for you.

2/1/14 11:51 A

Does anyone notice that they do not loose weight if they use pre packaged foods, like ww or lean cuisine..this week I tried ww breakfast scambled eggs and had that and the sandwiches for 4 days in a row and I gained 3 lbs. I think it is all the sodium anyone else experience this?

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