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12/30/12 11:20 P

The advice you have been given is a good start. Select one or two things that you CAN work on. You need a PLAN that fits into YOUR life. What CAN you do to make some small changes and choices that WILL fit into your life? Make a plan that works for YOU and that fits into the life YOU are living. I can't cure the things that have you down, but YOU are already dealing with them - look at ways that you can make your coping skills work better for YOU.

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12/30/12 10:05 P

Hi - I would suggest trying to focus on just one thing because anyone would be overwhelmed with everything you have listed.

Is your marriage in a place where it is beyond repair? My marriage also had some major struggles this year, but we both decided we were committed to fixing it and putting it back where it was and getting that right created a domino effect for other areas. So, if possible, maybe that would be the one place to start.

If that's not the place to start, then find the right place for you. And maybe finding a support group, marriage counseling, ect would help?

Just remember - your weight does not define you and is not the sole condition to define your happiness.

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12/30/12 6:34 P

I guess I snapped. I don't treat myself very well when I am down - I have poor coping skills and I give myself a hard time when I'm unhappy with something in my life. My usual self-destruction method is eating, and I can usually head myself off before I do a lot of damage.

This time, I chose to give in. It's nearly my birthday (Tuesday) and I didn't get myself where I wanted to be this year (again). My marriage is lousy right now and my older child has been very difficult. I'm still doing the same crummy job I've been trying to get out of, but nobody will hire me for something better. It's a double whammy when your birthday is on New Year's - you get to have two depressions at once, with a side of pork and sauerkraut.

I feel bad, but worse than that, I feel like it doesn't matter. I've tried counting my blessings, I've tried listing what I am good at, but the sadness goes deep. Having my marriage falling apart was the worst part. I'm pretending everything is all right to everyone I know, so no one knows the pain I am in.

It's been a solid month of eating and feeling depressed. I need to end it. I need to find the person I used to be. I need to get rid of this weight so the mirror stops reminding me how bad it's been. I just want this year to be over.

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