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6/10/14 6:53 A

I lifted her up in prayer. God is good !!

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6/9/14 11:40 P

I'm glad that she has been in contact. In your support of your g/daughter try not to tell her 'what' to do, but rather that you are there for her and that your door is open to her. That way she will be more inclined to keep in touch and 'maybe' see her way out.


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6/9/14 10:27 P

I'm all over it!

Prayers for you too for trying to support her in just the right ways she needs.

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6/9/14 9:11 P

this evening I just received a tex from 19 year old granddaughter who is in a lost world with wrong people, please hold her up in prayer, so hateful, want to love her but it so hard, god is good but I need extra love this evening.

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