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5/5/13 12:58 P

I think the old standby small banana a day helps a lot.

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5/5/13 12:41 P

thanks for all the help

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5/5/13 3:03 A

Remember that Potassium doesn't have to be listed in the Nutritional Information, so you might be getting more than you realize. Make sure that you don't go getting supplements UNLESS your Dr has prescribed them, because too much can have very dire consequences to your health.


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5/5/13 2:13 A

Hi Again... I did a search on the Spark site....and it brings up several articles, and blogs with High Potassium foods listed. Good reading!!

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5/4/13 11:04 P

If you like:
dried apricots (420mg/1/4c)
potatoes (approx. 300mg)
V8 juice ( 320/5.5 oz--watch the NA!)
and SWISS CHARD---a whooping 960 mg/1c (along with 300+ NA)
you are home free! Bananas are also in the 300+ range...but a lot of carb there....

As my sister observed: Gees-those have more than the supplement pills my cardiologist prescribed!

I'm sure others know more, so I too will be interested in the responses!!

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5/4/13 10:21 P

how do I get more potassium in my diet. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables but I can't seem to get enough potassium.

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