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3/19/12 9:45 A

Hi! I just noticed no one replied to your post yet. Plateaus are frustrating but from what you wrote, you have been managing really well for a long time, so you need to congratulate yourself and be just a teeny weeny bit patient with your body. The closer you get to goal, the slower the weight comes off. Ya gotta be careful to not push too hard - that is not a sustainable lifestyle change and can set you up for a relapse and rebound and THAT is way, way discouraging. So I would suggest that you try tracking what you eat for a while, to get a clearer picture of how much you are putting in and the quality of your nutrition. The formula of using more calories that you eat is way too simple - expecting a regular 1-2 pound loss every week is not realistic as your body has a lot of adjusting to do with moving out fat and building muscle. And muscle weighs more than fat! So lighten up your attitude and relax a bit about the scale! Your exercise program is fantastic! Let it work and manage your eating wisely. The weight will come off!

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3/19/12 9:45 A

I've been battling the last 5 pounds (with slip-ups) for a couple of months. If you're at a healthy weight, the last few pounds are typically "vanity" pounds and can take longer to come off. Try faithfully tracking and maybe eat at the lower end of your ranges for a few days, then higher for one, then back lower. Try switching up your workout as well. Just focus on the positive changes you've made, and try to find other ways to measure success besides the scale. Do your clothes fit better? Do you feel better? Have you lost lots of inches?, etc.

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3/18/12 11:38 P

Hi I haven't been on this site in awhile and when I logged in today in today I saw I set a goal back in July of 2011 to lose 50 lbs by June 2012. I am happy to say that I'm only 2lbs from that goal! I have lost roughly 119 lbs give or take a few because here the past couple Weeks I've been very disappointed with the scale. I guess its a plateau and its depressing. Let me add that I've been on this journey for years now and up until November of last year I wasn't too much changing my eating but I was faithfully exercising. Well around November I decided to go full force and change what I'm eating because at that point I wasn't losing a lot. It would take me like a, month to lose 4 lbs and I want satisfied with that. So I haven't been counting calories but I do watch the carbs, fat, and generally think about how many calories I'm eating per meal. At first it was hard but it has gotten a lot easier. I'm not perfect. I've had my slip UPS here and there. Anyway it has really helped me to lose the weight faster. Nearly 40lBS since .November. I exercise five days a week at the y. I take different c
Classes daily so I'm not doing the same exercise. I do strength training one to two times per week. All together I would say I work out about 8 hours per week. I'm really feeling disappointed because the scale hasn't been so nice the past couple Weeks. I am not discouraged yet but hoping some advice would help keep me from getting to that point. The boot camp class is tomorrow which will be my first time doing that. I'm hoping to go next week and kick butt at the y and hopefully see the number go down (weight). I've been told not to worry about the scale but to focus on losing inches but I cant seem to program my brain tip do that. If I see the number go down it feels like what I've done (that past week) worked. If anyone has any advice about plateaus please let me know and sorry for long winded post but felt I should give all of the back ground.

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