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5/6/12 7:25 A

do make sure that you are utilising your children here. teaching them how to cook and having that be one of their chores for part of the week is actually teaching them a life skill. i started helping out cooking when i could stand on a chair and still not see over the counter. kids can mix and stir and then learn to chop and actually follow recipes.

beyond that google "30 day cooking" or "once a month cooking" and you get a ton of websites. you will have to sort through them for nutrition, but that's the best place to start. you may also want to check to see if there is a team here on spark.

23KAIYA Posts: 4,935
5/6/12 3:57 A

Meals from meals can help. Left overs can make a great casserole and a baked dish usually reheats well. Spark has some great suggestions for meals that can be prepared a head of time and frozen too, check

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
5/6/12 2:34 A

I haven't ever done a whole month before, but I regularly cook a weeks worth of food at a time. Some things I do:
Make breakfast 'hot pockets'- there are a lot of recipes out there and you can freeze them, just like a hot pocket, until you're ready to eat them
Pre-made breakfast smoothies in disposable cups- just microwave for a few seconds in the morning so they aren't frozen solid. I normally put protein powder and fruit in mine.
Rice can be frozen for use in a variety of dishes- I normally use Alton's Browns 'Baked Brown Rice' recipe and make at least 4c at a time.
A crock pot full of chili takes 30min to prepare and you can make TONS at a time with a large crock pot

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5/6/12 1:19 A

Help! i need to plan 4 weeks worth of meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me and my children. Im alone and with my schedule it overwhelming how to have decent, healty meals my family can enjoy. Please help!

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