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planet fitness or ymca

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12/19/12 9:48 A

I've been a member at both. When I was underemployed, I went to YMCA because they will scale your membership dues based on income and it was also 3 blocks from my house. I loved the classes offered, but they didn't have enough cardio machines (always crowded and had a time limit). It was downtown in a very old building, so space was definitely the issue there.
I now go to Planet Fitness. I moved from my old city and this is the only decent-priced option around here that is remotely close to my house/ work. However, you do get what you pay for. I pay 10/month (x2 because my husband also goes), but there is no pool and no classes. It is cheap because its a no frills gym. They have tons of cardio machines, so there is no time limit, which is nice. Planet Fitness has a bad rap on sparkpeople, but I think it is a pretty decent gym. If you don't want pizza or tootsie rolls, don't eat them (I've only actually seen the pizza once, but the tootsie rolls are at the front desk daily). I wish they had spin class, but that's the only draw back for me.
My location doesn't ban deadlifts either nor do they enforce going through the circuit in order or ban people from going in and using a single machine. Maybe the gym employees at my location are more laid-back than ones at other gyms.

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12/19/12 6:07 A

I've done both. Formerly YMCA, now Planet Fitness.

It all depends what you want in a gym & how much support/camaraderie you require.

YMCA was ideal when my kids were younger (baby sitting room) and we did some indoor swimming. Classes galore too but I didn't take advantage of those. Trainers were very friendly & accessible. Cardio room was crowded through, especially between 4-6:30pm when they had a strict limit of 30 minutes per user. There was also a crew of guys that dominated the weight room, didn't feel that welcoming sometimes. I think I paid around $80/month (family).

Planet Fitness works great for me now. Long hours, except on weekends. Quick drive, get my workout in, and head out. Never have had to wait for a machine. No time limits enforced. My PF also has a wider range of equipment, accessories & machines than the Y. Trainer is available rotating M-F hours. Some people who go to my gym are very inspiring - several of them are working to lose large amounts of weight. I pay $10/month.

At some point, I'll probably switch gyms again as my needs change. I'm lucky to have a nice variety near me to choose from.

ETA: my PF doesn't ban deadlifts & there are several guys (and one girl) who do heavy lifting. Perhaps my location turns a blind eye to it? I know PFs are franchises. Hmmm.

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12/18/12 9:58 P

I agree. The pizza, tootsie rolls, and snacks helped me make up my mind. Iys def gonna be the y

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12/18/12 4:57 P

As others have said, it depends on which best fits your needs. I personally would not go to Planet Fitness because they discourage heavy lifting and outright ban deadlifts, a fundamental lift. I'm not sure I'd really trust any trainer that would work in a place that outright bans such a basic move, either. I also find their marketing quite off putting, and, in my opinion, they just don't seem to care if their members improve. I mean, they give away pizza and Tootsie Rolls! But, that might not put you off and they may ave classes you like or something.

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12/18/12 3:55 P

It all depends on your individual needs. ie. what classes they have, the hours they are open, the availability of personal trainers, how crowded they get during peak hours, what different locations are available in your area, how close they are to work/home, whether you want a pool or not, etc. etc. Write down what you want for your ideal gym and then do your homework.

For instance, I'm a member of LA Fitness because 1) I get a discount through my employer. 2) One of their gyms is 2 blocks from where I work, 3) they have a wide variety of classes and fitness equipment (depending on the facility) including racquetball courts and a pool. In addition, I never find it too crowded, and I have had good experiences with personal training there.

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12/18/12 9:06 A

depends on your needs. I was a member of Curves for a while but didn't care for the circuit machines. (Like doing my own HIIT).
Then the family used to be part of the YMCA. They technically signed up just for the circuit room, but I could also do some classes and had use of the pool.
Then I joined LA Fitness because of the pool, but had to leave the gym when I moved and there was no LA Fitness in my new home.
Now I just exercise at home and sometimes at the little gym on the complex.

I don't know if Planet Fitness has a pool and that would be my deciding factor.

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12/17/12 11:26 P

the one that is best for you is the one that works best for what it is that you are looking for - as in which ever fits you best is the right one for you

I've never been a member of planet fitness because it doesn't exist around here, same goes for the Y (closet Y to me is over an hour away) my local gym I joined was because it was just a 30 min walk from my home under 15 if I ran it. It wasn't price friendly and it didn't offer a lot of things that would have made it a better price fit but it was local, co-ed and had enough machines that made it work for me.

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12/17/12 11:03 P

Which ever one works for you!

Places differ from town to town, you know.

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12/17/12 10:19 P

I cant decide which one. Been member of y for years. Planet fitness is nice too
Which one is the better of the two?

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