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BERGUETTE SparkPoints: (16,388)
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8/12/12 8:03 A

10% fat plain greek yogurt. tastes great. emoticon

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,284)
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8/11/12 11:57 P

I add a small amount of sweetener and a lot of cinnamon. It tastes so rich and decadent. Such treat.

8/11/12 11:46 P

I accidentally bought the whole milk greek yogurt (plain). What a difference from fat free!!!!
WOW. I loooove it and can eat it plain w/o sweetener. It does have fat & a bit more calories but I think it may be a good trade since I don't have to add sweetener.

8/11/12 11:08 P

I am not a fan of completely plain yogurt, but I enjoy a really good greek yogurt with minimal sweetener. We have a local brand here in Seattle called Greek Gods which is amazing! I was visiting my mom and had some of her greek yogurt (I think it was Chiobani) with the same amount of sweetener that I usually use in mine, and it was so tart! And the nutrition on both brands is really similar, so maybe just try a few kinds to see if you happen to like one more. For adding a bit of healthy sweetness I use fruit (sweet cherries are sweet enough on their own, or a tarter fruit like blueberry with a smidge of honey), a tsp of honey, or a tbsp of minimally-processed jam (I love the locally-made blackberry preserves in yogurt. It's like eating a blended blackberry yogurt but so much better!). Hope this helps.

MARLIESE01 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/12 9:14 P

I haven't been able to get used to eating it plain, but I usually add some fresh fruit and a little stevia and then it's good. Or some vaniilla or almond extract for some non calorie flavor. Also sprinkle some Kashi crunch cereal on top sometimes too.

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
8/10/12 9:01 P

Plain yogurt is also my choice. I add fruits and nuts to my liking. I can also use plain yogurt in some of my recipes if it is not a no-fat variety. Very useful to have on hand.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
8/10/12 6:17 P

I buy plain yogurt, but I add my own sugar. I make a cinnamon sugar mix, 2t sugar to 1t cinnamon. I sprinkle about a teaspoon of that onto my serving and mix it in. It adds less than 20 calories, and I figure it is way less sugar than the manufacturers of sweetened yogurt add.

PARISAPRIL1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/12 5:32 P

I love plain yogurt and always have.

TAOZEN Posts: 237
8/10/12 4:21 P

You could add fruit to it. I usually just buy plain yogurt and add a teaspoon of honey. One teaspoon of honey is not very many calories.

BRITOMART Posts: 7,862
8/10/12 2:21 P

I love plain Gk yog with fresh, ripe fruit. Don't need sweetener that way...but then I'm not a fan of super-sweet things. I also like it plain--it's so refreshing on hot days, or sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon is what I want.

Gk yog. is also good in place of sour cream on things like burritos.

Point is you can use it any way you don't HAVE to eat it plain.

AUDREYUK Posts: 630
8/10/12 12:05 P

You can definitely get used to it! I eat mine plain about 75% of the time, the other times I top it with a tablespoon of jam if I have enough calories budgeted. Plain does grow on you though, well at least it did on me!

8/10/12 12:02 P

These days, it's fairly easy to find a "fruit on the bottom" type of yogurt, or one with honey added to it. Health-wise, a plain and a fruit-flavored yogurt aren't terribly different. But taste-wise, plain is going to be bland compared to adding fruit.

I use my plain yogurt for things like Indian cuisine, or as an alternative to sour cream.

CMAY3103 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/10/12 12:01 P

ooooo - just reading your post made my mouth like slam shut and squeeze in a nasty face emoticon

I can NOT stomach plain yogurt - I've tried and tried - I can not do it either. So I have to stick with the flavored.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (183,382)
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8/10/12 11:58 A

I've changed my nutrition tracker so that it shows the SP meal plans. I don't follow the suggestions often, but it gives me an idea of what I could eat and still stay in my calorie range. I've noticed it often includes a serving of plain greek yogurt. I don't think I could eat just yogurt without some kind of sweetener in it (I often eat it with no-calorie sweetner and fruit).

Does anybody eat it plain? Did it take a while to get used to the taste?

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