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8/17/13 3:52 P

Fiber One has a 90 calorie, and 150 calorie bar. SP is giving you a suggested tracker. An extra 36 calories can be cut from some other food, if need be, but I would first track what you plan to eat, and see if other foods are a bit low, and it all fits in the ranges. If you really want the fiber in the bar, maybe cut one of your fruit servings in 1/2 to balance it out. A 1/2 an apple instead of a whole one, and you are doing fine.

This is also why you have a range. You can have 36 extra calories without being over, and maybe the next day eat a 90 calorie brownie/bar, and save 24 calories. Over the 2 days, you would average 6 extra calories. Don't worry as much about matching the exact levels, just eat as close as you can to the suggestions. If they don't have a peanut butter bar, choose a different flavor. You have to adapt if things change. Just pick any bar.If they are out next week, choose a different one.

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8/17/13 9:17 A

I don't eat granola bars because most are laden with sugar & usually corn syrup solids, and I personally wouldn't waste 114 calories on a granola bar and I would rather have fresh berries, a pear or an apple. However QUAKER HAS A BAR FOR 90 CALORIES, with 7 sugars and 19 carbs, but it does have corn syrup and all sorts of preservatives, partially hydrogenated oil, and sorbitol.

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8/17/13 5:29 A

I think I have bought target's market pantry brand that were 100 cals a bar. They were a little smaller than the average bar.

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8/16/13 11:48 P

I don't know about store bought but I will post my own recipe when I find it if you'd like.

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8/16/13 11:10 P

Hi there, I'm new here and trying to get the hang of the site. I am using the meal plan suggested and one of the items calls for a peanut butter granola bar that is 114 calories. While this sounds great, the brand isn't disclosed and I can't find a peanut butter granola bar that is that low in calories. Do you know the brand name and/or how do you navigate such circumstances?

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