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Because of your medical history, the best person to give you advice about exercises to do would be your physical therapist. They should be able to provide a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Coach Jen

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Found an ice gel pack I put on for a while in middle of day helping me!

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I have severe patella tendonitis and my lower and upper patella tendon from a skiing accident in 2009. I have gone through rounds of physical therapy in attempt to help it, as well as gotten a cortisone shot last August. It's gotten better after therapy and I've been able to continue with my college athletics but it constantly hurts (mostly a dull pain. A sharp pain when I'm not in therapy) and feels swollen. Also, as soon as I stop therapy (which I have to re-train my right quad muscle to fire), my quad stops firing.

After my MRI, my doctor said that I potentially need surgery. I really want to avoid this as long as possible and am hoping exercise can fix this.... My question is what exercises can I do (how many reps/ time/ etc...) can I try to fix this? My body is being effected by this and I feel out of shape everywhere else due to my knee being unable to support my body. I swim since my doctor told me I can never run again, but I'm just feeling lost at what to do.

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