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10/18/11 5:15 A

I feel you. My five year old is 48 inches high. Problem is he is all torso and leg with no behind inbetween. I buy the adjustable pants that have the tabs inside one size up because he out grows his clothes really fast. I would be constantly buying him new clothes if I bought the size thats suppose to fit him. I dont like the high water look. My 8mnth old is in 12 month clothing and all I do is roll the waist up because if I wait a month he will have grown into or out of them. I would get the one size up and either hem or roll the waist if the pants dont have the adjustable tabs inside

-LISS- Posts: 187
10/18/11 2:08 A

No advice ... just commiserating. WHAT is with the pants situation? I can never find pants that properly fit them!!!!

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10/10/11 5:55 P

Sewing machine. I'm always hemming clothing to fit better. (6 kids)

WHOAMI9999 Posts: 48
10/10/11 12:56 P

Try different brands - there is no consistency in sizing. My 5 year old wore an 18 month size coat for 3 years - even last year when his shirts were a 5T. This summer he wore some shorts that were size 12 months or 18 months, and his pant size is 3T.

If you really can't find pants that fit, you might need to roll up the pant legs (or hem them if you sew). I have a skinny kid - so I always try to get pants with an adjustable waistband as well - otherwise I need to use a belt.

JENNY_BILLOT Posts: 1,634
10/10/11 12:38 P

My 13 month old son needs pants but I can't seem to find any that fit him. His 12 month pants are too short but 18 month pants are HUGE on him. Any advice?

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