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5/4/13 12:57 A

My pantry is NEVER empty!!!

My Mom is an expert on keeping all of us well fed!!!! ;)

That's why I always have like 20lbs to lose!

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5/3/13 11:36 P


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5/3/13 6:28 P

I hope that you enjoy them - at least they actually GO together.

I have never had an empty pantry - 59yrs old and had many a hard struggle. When I had a little more money to spend, my first priority would be to increase the healthy pantry items that had good storage capabilities. I generally only bought them on good specials. I did the same with freezer items. After developing a substantial pantry, I now only replace what I start using, but there are still spares. That way when I am caught short on money or time, I can easily go a couple weeks without having to buy anything - bread and milk included. I have UHT milk in the pantry as a back-up for others, I use UHT Soy Milk for me, and I also have milk powder as back-up. There is plenty of bread in the freezer - only bought on specials.


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5/3/13 5:28 P

so apples and peanut butter for supper emoticon

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