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I don't really have any advice for you, but would like to share my experience. Over a year ago I was on the treadmill during the most intense part of my exercise routine when I felt dizzy, short of breath, tightness in my chest, etc. Being extremely stubborn, I finished my planned workout and was able to carry on normally. However, it scared me enough to make an appointment with my doctor who referred my to a specialist. I was 39 at the time, at my goal weight, my cholesterol levels were good, my EKG was fine. Basically, the specialist told my I was the healthiest patient he'd had in his office all week and that if it ever happened again, I should call 911 and find out immediately what is going on instead of trying to figure it out after the fact. He also thought I should exercise at a less intense level. I wrote a question on the message boards regarding help with an exercise plan and everyone refused to give me advice. They said I should go see my doctor. Well, I've seen a doctor 3 times so far and they all tell me I'm fine. I was so discouraged I quit exercising for awhile. I still don't know what happened to me. However, I do regret getting discouraged and quitting my exercise. Needless to say, I am no longer at goal weight. However, I'm back on track, exercising regularly at a less intense level (I acquired a heart rate monitor), eating right and hope to be back to goal weight soon. I think in my case, I should have listened to my body a little better and not pushed it so hard. I probably should have built up a base of running slower before trying to run faster. I probably should have used a heart rate monitor sooner. I'm still not sure what I'm doing or if I'm doing the right thing or not. I was really hoping for some help from other Sparkers, but I'm doing the best I can. It is very likely I need to go for a 4th or 5th medical opinion, but I'm a full time employee, a full time mom, active in my church, and I can hardly find time to exercise, let alone go see the doctor all the time. Anyway, that is what happened to me. Hopefully it will help in some way. If you have any questions I can answer, let me know. Best of luck!

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This isn't really advice, just my experience. I did get panic attacks in the past, so I know how it feels. They tend to strike randomly, for no apparent reason, but there are known triggers. Overexertion is one of them, because extreme fatigue and a high heart rate feels like imminent death.

One way to know if what you are feeling is a panic attack or not is that you can learn to control a panic attack; if the symptoms you are feeling are for another reason, obviously you won't be able to control it no matter what until you are diagnosed and given a treatment for it.

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I had something very similar where I had panic attack symptoms (not the same as yours, but still "panic attack symptoms") during exercise (it would happen while I was working out, thus ending the workout, thus kind of also "after" exercise if that makes sense), but also at other times, and I was diagnosed with panic disorder by a psychologist and she had me doing breathing exercises and such. I only got worse; eventually I had to stop working out altogether. I moved to a different country and my medical history didn't follow me; on my first trip to a doctor in the new country (for something totally unrelated) I was immediately given an ultrasound and diagnosed with severe gall bladder disease and scheduled for surgery several days later (I begged them to let me wait long enough for my fiance to travel to be with me, they wanted to operate immediately). It turned out that the "panic attacks" were actually gall bladder attacks. I never had panic disorder at all, just really really bad doctors. I've since returned to exercising and have never had another "episode." I feel like I have a whole new life now. Get a second opinion. It could save your life. A neighbor of mine died shortly after my surgery when her gall bladder ruptured and she wasn't taken to the hospital soon enough. I realize that could have been me.

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5/23/13 9:18 P

I had a curious problem a while ago. There were some things I did to track down the problem that might help.

Basically I went into information gathering mode and kept a journal about what I ate, what my activities were, stress levels, sleep - anything that might be of use to those helping me.

In seeking help I kept in mind that everyone has their range of expertise. The first doctor only ruled out some things. A dietician helped, narrowed it down further. It was the second doctor who nailed it. A lot of information had to come together with a person who had some unique knowledge.

In my case I had some serious heart rate anomalies during and after exercise, which I do a lot of. The fix was eating potatoes and beans for the minerals they have - very simple fix, but one that was tricky to arrive at. (I'm not saying that's the problem - unlikely)

So, it sounds to me like the task before you is information gathering and finding good advice. If you suspect panic attacks, add psychology and related fields.

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Agreed. Only a medical professional should be making that call for you; we have no idea what your medical history is! If your doctor isn't helping, find a different one!

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5/23/13 5:58 P

I'd seek a second opinion if I were you.

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5/23/13 5:39 P

Is it worth talking to a therapist/psychiatrist? There could be something that your brain is trying to work out and you're getting physical symptoms because of it.

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5/23/13 4:34 P

Thanks for your replies. I should have mentioned, I did go to the doctor and he says I'm healthy but is unsure why I experience these episodes after exercise. He prescribed Xanax (an anti-anxiety med) I I take it when this happens, but I'd like to know why it happens mostly only after I exercise?

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5/23/13 4:25 P

No one here can nor should attempt to diagnose you; head to a doctor immediately, and the emergency room if your symptoms feel serious. Take no chances with chest discomfort of that nature. Women often present cardiac disease differently than men. Call your doctor immediately!

We wish you the best!

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I clicked on this because a few years ago I thought I was having panic attack symptoms as well. It turned out to be a _little_ more serious than that. (as in little = whole lot) So, from my experience, I would say that if you're suddenly having strange symptoms after exertion, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor ASAP, to rule out any serious medical condition.

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5/23/13 4:02 P

I hope someone can help me with this; it feels like I'm having a panic attack after I exercise. I'm a 53 y.o. female, a little underweight, but in otherwise good health. I've been doing my ellip[tical for years, but recently have experienced tingling around my mouth, arms and legs, dizziness, my face feels puffy and my chest feels tight? It seems like a toxicity to something. I realize I use a lot of spenda and other sweetners - I wonder if thats built up in my system? I'm a nurse, so I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure this out. Thanks for any opinions or experiences you can share......

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