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11/23/12 4:30 P


Do you bend your wrist when you bench press ? If you're bending your wrist, there is a possibility that may be putting pressure on the little finger especially if the bar is resting on that finger in particular. Try keeping your wrists straight. that might mean taking down the weight so that you can practice good form when benching.

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11/22/12 3:12 P

sounds like a pinched nerve. perhaps a chiropractor can adjust your hands. I do phlebotomy and ocassionally need my bones in my hands aligned properly.

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11/22/12 12:11 P

Do you use gloves?

Similar pain but in my neck happened to me while squatting with the high bar. Now I switched to low bar, and the pain never happened again.

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11/22/12 8:03 A

ZORB no its wrapped round exactly like the other

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11/22/12 7:10 A

Is the bar resting on the base of that finger?

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11/22/12 6:24 A

When i bench press i get a pain in my little finger like its gonna explode. Only seem to get this when doing this exercise either on the chest press machine or on the bench. any ideas why the pressure doing this exercise would cause the pain?

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