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9/4/13 6:00 P

It's my favorite! Getting a little workout in while still being super relaxed. Have you tried doing some yoga moves or ab exercises on it yet?? I've only been able to do some abs on it but It's pretty fun to challenge yourself

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8/23/13 9:49 A

I've been itching to rent a paddle board to take on the lake near our home. I think it will be blast and a good core/arm workout!

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8/23/13 9:40 A

Low impact aerobics would be an acceptable option for tracking this. :)

8/23/13 8:35 A

While I have no idea, I would google calorie ranges for it and then find an activity with a similar expenditure for tracking purposes. Is it comparable to an outdoor hike? A jog? A leisurely walk? I'm sure your RPE would factor in too, since it's likely that your can use different levels of exertion. I've had friends who love an afternoon paddling around, and they've said it's quite the core workout!

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8/23/13 7:17 A

I know that paddleboarding is an excellent all over exercise and is really big here where I live. I just bought my board yesterday and had such a good time using it. It isn't on the list so I don't know how to track it. I plan on using it a lot - I highly suggest it for everyone! All ages can do it (I guess my 9 mo old grandson was a little young but he had fun holding the paddle and sitting in the water on it:)

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