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11/29/11 8:44 P

Andre, you would be something similar to the original if you took a power yoga class once a week, lifted in the gym (maybe with or without a trainer) 3 times a week, abs 3 times a week after lifting, took a martial arts inspired cardio class once a week ideally Kenpo, and did a jump training workout once a week, with one day for rest or a long stretch session. Every four weeks you would take a "rest week" where you do less lifting but more yoga and a full body strength workout that uses the core a lot. Actually doing them live would probably be more effective than dvds if the instructors are good, dvds are just more convenient for some people and some people are motivated by the P90x brand and instructor.

11/29/11 8:32 P

I need these programs delivered live... Not keen on DVDs! Any suggestion?

KMS41289 Posts: 239
11/29/11 7:57 P

yes definitely try P90X the original first. My boyfriend is in amazing shape, and he just finished P90 and after every workout feels like his limbs are going to fall off.

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11/29/11 2:11 P

I do hear a lot about supreme 90, and am actively reading your blog reviewing it, Hey! emoticon

Maybe I will lok into that and/or other options.

Thanks, all!

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11/29/11 1:19 P

A good place to buy dvds is (collage is good too), but I mention total fitness because the owner also is a beach body coach and has a beach body site. I've had nothing but good experiences buying from her and have heard the same from others. So if you decide to purchase it or a different system on dvd (she also carries the S90 for around $20), it is worth checking out. (I think the site I gave links to her beach body site as the beach body products come up in her sites search). For the regular dvds there are clips, I don't recall whether there are clips for the BB.

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
11/29/11 12:14 P

I definitely recommend you preview P90X to see if you like the production and/or Tony Horton. can help you there.

If you're really curious about these kinds of systems you could always get a cheaper version like Supreme 90 Day. That whole system is only $20-$30 (depending on where you shop--if shipping is involved, etc). As a dyed in the wool cheapskate, I bought "poor man's P90X" and I'm liking it a lot. It consider myself "intermmediate/advanced" when it comes to exercise dvds and this has definitely challenged me in some aspects while feeling familiar in others (familiar moves just more intense--or new moves that leave me humbled as I learn to really do them).

But if you REALLY want P90X2 (and can afford it and all that) then I say GO FOR IT. You know your abilities (and bank balance) and have no one to answer to but yourself.

(though I have heard "beachbody" as a company can be sneaky about their billing practices, so be careful they don't upsell you or charge you incorrectly or rip you off)

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11/27/11 10:53 P

Agree with Slysam on all points.. Especially about being expensive..

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11/27/11 7:55 P

Is P90x2 out yet? On amazon it is still on pre-order until 12/15 so perhaps that is why you haven't had specific comments.

I have regular p90x and in my opinion it is a good program, but a bit expensive for what it is (sorry fans!). I think whether it is worth the price to you might depend on whether you like Tony Horton, whether you like this style of workout, whether you like following dvds, etc. I do like the workouts I tried in P90x and use them as stand alone workouts, but I like Tony on occasion not every day and I prefer full body strength training (in the original x, the strength training is something like 3 times a week in a 3 day split. I prefer full body 3 times a week.) He includes yoga once a week and cardio twice a week and an optional stretching once a week. I actually like his yoga and stretching so I use those a fair amount and am curious about the recovery workout in v2. If only they were sold as separate dvds. Perhaps youtube Tony Horton to see if you want to spend 60-90 minutes with him every day for 3 months. Supreme 90 is also an option if you like video programs and it is quite inexpensive (it doesn't include yoga though).

There are some good critical reviews of the original P90x (both positive and negative) on the ACE website ( While these might not really suit p90x2 it may give you an idea. (In their research studies section they also have a study based on several of the p90x workouts).

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11/27/11 4:09 P

I've done 2 complete rounds of P90X, and 4 weeks shy of finishing up a P90X/Insanity Hybrid. Looking forward to P90X2. I've heard that it's been recommended to have done at least one round of P90X, but I think it's totally up to you. If you're committed to it, you will make it happen. When I jumped into P90X the first time, IT HURT!! I was not in any sort of shape was I was tired of being out of shape. I stuck to it regardless of how sore I was. This current hybrid I'm doing, I felt I was in GREAT shape going into it. Works you in all new ways, so I don't think it matters what kind of shape you're in, it will hurt for those first few days. I say go for it, know you're going to be sore for a few days, but stick to it. P90X has been a great strength training and cardio workout for me. I have P90X2 pre-ordered. I'm looking forward to a new challenge.

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11/27/11 1:54 P

Thanks, but just because I haven't done p90x first doesn't mean I haven't worked my fitness level up already. Don't assume anything!

STSCOTT11 Posts: 1,457
11/27/11 9:48 A

Takes TIME to WORKOUT UP to an intense workout.
Seems like everyone wants to "go hard".
When the workout is TOO HARD for your skill level it makes it difficult to keep up, get through and have success...ultimately THAT can make you slack off with exercise all together.
Been there done that.
I have the whole series of P90X. I want to try it but I know I need to continue to work on my skill level in fitness.

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
11/27/11 2:44 A

I would try p90x first, before I'd try p90x2

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11/26/11 2:45 P


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11/25/11 8:47 A

This is quite a sales pitch! It hits right at my thought process, and now I wonder if I should try it. I have not used p90x before, have finished my last planned 5k until next spring, and have been giving serious consideration to boosting an offseason strength/conditioning program while doing some jogging/cardio maybe 3x/week instead of my 5+ like last winter.

Any thoughts on p90x2?

Thank you!

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