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3/1/14 9:23 A

Good to know Thanks

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2/27/14 11:19 A

Yoga comes in a variety of difficulties. There are some styles like Vinyasa and Ashtanga that are more strength related. My favorite website for browsing yoga videos is

Don't be afraid but if you are serious it is best to find a a gym that has an instructor to help you with your form.

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Yoga can be really great or just meh..depending on the instructor, just like any workout. Ask around, your friends, neighbors, workmates and even people coming out of yoga studios who they think is the best yoga teacher or which is the best class. I recommend you start with a beginners class, go early and talk with the instructor and let them know you are new to yoga. You will learn the basic moves and they will show you good form. So many people just try yoga using a DVD and never really get the full benefit that yoga can offer. A great experience will keep you motivated and dedicated.

I do a lot of cardio and play tennis regularly but I need me some yoga every week. Keeps me sane and limber.

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yoga can be extremely easy or super hardcore, depending on the class you choose. Any reputable yoga studio would have class descriptions and levels listed.

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I want to do yoga but dont know how hard it would be?

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