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3/8/13 1:22 P

Haha, I got caught in the clementine crave cycle too! I was eating 6 a day, but spread out. One after every meal and then as snacks.

If you're not wanting to eat 6 at a time, try cutting back (to 2-3) and drinking a big glass of water. Unless you're used to eating that much fruit, the fiber in them will cause your body to want's not the same feeling as being thirsty so it's sometimes mistaken as "hunger." Your body is telling you it wants something but it's not the feeling of "thirst" that you're used to so it gets mistaken for hunger.

Try 2-3 clementines and a half litre of water at the same time. Your body will be sated and you probably won't feel the need to eat the other 3.

2/22/13 5:46 P

IMO, it's a good thing. Yes, it's possible to OD on fruit, but it's filling, so that's unlikely. You have to be careful with dried fruit because it is pretty calorie-dense, but fresh fruits have enough liquid and fiber that you'll probably get full before you do serious damage. Much better than all the salt and fat of chips, though God help me, salty snacks are my absolute downfall.

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2/22/13 1:53 P

I looked up calories for clemantines, just 35 apiece? So six is a hair over 200 calories.

That is a perfectly reasonable sized snack!

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2/22/13 1:14 P

Maybe try eating your fruit with a little protein at night. Try natural peanut butter with an apple or banana (my fave) . Or an apple and cheese stick. Raw veggies are great with a bean dip like hummus. The protein might fill you up a little more, so when you eat the first piece of fruit, you won't want more. Good luck. emoticon

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2/22/13 12:12 P

Well, it certainly is better than munching on chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. I would suggest eating dinner a little later, maybe 7-7:30, if it's possible. Munching on vegetables, like celery, bell pepper slices or broccoli, might also be a better option. I can also eat a ton of fruit and still want more, but if I munch on some raw veggies, I'm good.

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2/22/13 11:05 A

It doesn't sound like it's really a big deal, then. If you're just enjoying the flavor, and not eating out of boredom or habit... t hen why not? As long as you're accounting for it, no harm, no foul.

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2/22/13 9:16 A

I'm not quite sure whether the "munchies" is the same thing as binging... I just sometimes want to be crunching and munching on something tasty -- often late at night -- and while I'm a little hungry (i'ts a long time between 6:00 when I have dinner and 10:30 when I'm relaxing before bed), it's also a comfort thing. Sure I could have a cup of tea, and sometimes I do, but it's not the same thing.

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2/22/13 9:13 A

Do they fit in your calorie range?

The question here isn't are 6 clementines too much (Realistically, those are tiny fruits) but why you're eating so many. Are you simply substituting a better choice to satisfy a bad habit, are you making up for insufficient calories in previous meals, or are we talking about someone who just really, really likes clementines?

Getting to the root of the behavior is more important than the behavior itself. IF you're binging for any reason, the thing you're binging on isn't as big of a deal.

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2/22/13 9:12 A

i can go either way on this. I don't eat much fruit because I am watching my sugar unless it is granny smith apples or berries (those are low on the glycemic index and I just had my blood tested and the glucose number was definitely higher than I expected). You may need to work on eating more at dinner so that you are not so hungry in the evening. I believe the sugar in clementines may also be making you crave more. I know that when I eat cherries or grapes, i can't stop eating them either. Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

Find a different outlet for when you are snacking. Are you actually hungry or are you bored? Are you watching TV or surfing the net?

I really suggest looking at your diet to determine why you are snacking so much in the evening and then look at the reason for your snacking.

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2/22/13 8:48 A

I haven't been able to overcome an occasional case of late evening munchies... but instead of pretzels or chips, I've substituted fruit. Thing is: I can eat six clementines in a single evening! Is this over the top, or a good way to handle a problem?

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