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STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
1/12/09 10:25 A

lin ya they will have the information card that both kohls and bb and beyond gave us. not only they have the website on it but it hink that it has the registry nummber/code on it too.

LINAQ5 Posts: 277
1/12/09 10:02 A

personally i don't think you should put registry information in your formal invitations. Usually word of mouth is best..or if you are having an information card with your invitations put your website if you have one and have registry information on there.

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
1/11/09 10:37 P

good point, i just hope by the time that we finalize the wedding plans/invitations for the times and stuff that the 2 stores that we reg. with dont go out of business with the economy going so bad right now. that is my only scary thought. (bed bath and beyond and kohls). sigh hopefully get to fig. otu the time and stuff soon....the people that would be out of state close to majority of them (even though the one bm and i never met yet but we always talk online send each other gifts, etc) and the one aunt dont really talk to that much just online and send xmas cards, but ya u do have a point there bout seein them as treated as just a guest. thanks for your heklp

1/11/09 10:23 P

I think that sending to them would make it more personal. If these are important people than you don't want them to be treated just like any guest.

STEELER74386 Posts: 1,115
1/7/09 3:00 P

hmm was wondering, we have finished our gift restiry was wondering if we should like post our links to the stores that we reg. with to the people who most likely wouldnt be coming to the shower? (my hubby to bes dads gf/wifey to be) my aunt who lives in va, my vbest friend/bm who lives n tx and a few others? or dou think should just wait and just put the registyr like everyone elses invitation and send them out all at once in snail mail?

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