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i agree with bubblej that you do need to plan. and yes, planning to be busy and on the run is what you need to plan for. they make a ton of shelf stable options that you can keep in your bag. yes, you'll have to do some reading at the grocery store to pick them out. you should also keep a list of these kinds of items at the grocery store, so you can run in an grab the perishable ones as needed [it's at least as fast as running to get fast food]. you can find applesauce or pearsauce in individual half cup servings, fruit cups in their own juices, cup of soups [nile, health valley and dr macdougall's have some great flavors out there: lentil curry, chili and the black bean has 13 g fiber in one of those cups!], jerky, nuts, granola, granola bars, shelf stable individual nut butter and hummus packets, dehydrated fruits or veggies and that is what i can think of offhand. then you have yogurt, sushi, parfait cups, hot soups, subs, hardboiled eggs, hummus, salads, precut fruits or veggies, and deli meats and cheeses for the perishables that you can run in and grab while you are out on the go.

then you have fast food places. odds are you have at least a few that you prefer to go to. so make a list of those places. then spend some time on their website working out an option that's a little better for you than what you usually get. it doesn't have to be the perfect option just yet, you just want it to be a little lower than your usual in the things that usually get you off track [probably calories and fat]. as you find new options that you like the taste of and fit in your diet better [and yes, i use the primary definition of diet which is simply what one eats], you can scale back to an even better option then.

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It is good you have identified the problem.

My first suggestion is to invest in an insulated tote and some ice packs. This will allow you to take a wide variety of foods with you to help keep you on track!

It will take some planning on your part, but it can be done.

I also suggest getting a small thermos so that you can take soups and chili with you on cold days to keep you warm and full!!

string cheese
cottage cheese
whole grain sandwiches

the possibilities are endless!

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1/1/13 10:21 P

OK you have taken the first and most important step of identifying the problem; Eating on the road and making bad choices because you are hungry. This is fixable, but will require a little planning on your part. First, take snacks with your when you leave the house. Fruit, some crackers, a protein bar, etc are all items that you can take with you, won't spoil (well the fruit will after a couple of days, but you get what I mean), and you can eat them on the run. That will stop you from getting so hungry that you crash, and you can make good choices. Now, eating 'healthy' fast food is possible, you just have to plan. Subway is a good option, just get a 6 inch. I like getting roasted chicken on mine. Anywhere else, go for a grilled chicken salad option with very little dressing. If you must get a burger make it a small one, like a hamburger. The sodium in fast food is usually pretty bad, so if you have fast food for lunch I would advice watching your sodium at breakfast and dinner so you don't over do it.

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I really want to be good but I have 2 different parts of my house under demolition and have been running almost everyday to get materials for our rehab. I just get so busy on the road and have been starving and crashing...END UP EATING REALLY BAD. Im ok with pushing myself to eat a great breakfast but once I leave the house....lookout. Not very happy with myself...I want to be a good Sparky!

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