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I saw a piece of advice from someone here recently that I think is really important. She said to make sure you hit the bottom of your calorie range with good healthy filling food before you even consider to add in optional junk food. So if you track and you find out that you are consciously or unconsciously 'reserving' some of your base calories for evening snacks, that could be a large part of your problem right there: you're simply not eating enough real food to fuel your body's needs, and so it's begging for more.

Second, yes, get that junk food out of the house or as far away from you as it takes until you've gotten the issue under control. If you're in a "MUST EAT SOMETHING" cycle, but all you have around is leftover stew and raw carrots -- well, that's going to do much less damage than a package of cookies, right? And won't make you feel nasty from all the sugar either.

Finally (and probably most important. I do things backwards sometimes, sorry!). Do not be afraid of eating more in the morning! (And at lunch.) Let me just give you some math for example's sake. Let's say that your range is 1200-1550 daily, which if you stuck to it would be losing you 1 pound per week on an average of 1375 calories daily. Now let's say that the way you're eating now you're at about 1200 before your evening snack, and at 1875 after that spirals out of control. You're now maintaining instead of losing, and you feel unstable and unhappy about the way you're eating, to boot.

Now compare that to if you added a whopping 250 calories daily to the breakfast you eat right now, maybe replace part of a planned snack or meal with something cookie-ish during the day if that's important to you and you don't want to feel deprived, and then are able to refrain from snacking at night. You're now losing 1/2 pound per week again, and no longer feel out of control. Which is preferable? Aiming to be too "good" and coming up with nothing but frustration, or aiming for a comfortable and sustainable calorie deficit and succeeding, even if it takes a bit longer?

And it might not even work that way, that adding more food during the day causes your overall calories to increase significantly. I'm a "small breakfast" sort of person by nature, but there are times when my body tells me that's not going to cut it right now. I've been known to double my usual morning calories when this happens (keeping to healthy food, but still a lot more of it). But that doesn't mean the whole day goes down the tubes at all. Just as often as not, I'm able to eat less than normal later on -- skipping my usual afternoon snack, for instance, because I now don't need it. It's when I try to fight what my body is asking for that I wind up having a difficult day.

Good luck! You can figure it out.

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3/22/14 11:12 P

thank u emoticon

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3/22/14 11:10 P


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3/22/14 3:19 P

1- Not all the time. 2- I thought I was. 3- No I eat whole wheat bread. the only time I eat junk food is at night. 4- no I'm either on the Computer and watching TV at the same time.

OK - all 4 are issue then.

1. You need to eat enough calories by the time you get home so that you aren't starving. Track during the day. Me, personally....I've eaten enough during the day so that I have about 500 calories for dinner. I'm never starving.

2. You will know once you start tracking your food. Yes, it's a pain in the hiney until you get the hang of it (2 days), but makes all the difference in the world. Track what you have eaten so far today to get started. Start reading food labels if you don't already. Eat food high in protein, good fats and fiber. Food labels and google will be your best friends on earth.

3. " the only time I eat junk food is at night." Junk food really has no place in successful weight loss...unless you are tracking your food. You might look at your tracker and say "Well, I've eaten 1100 calories (after dinner) I can have 2 cups of potato chips for 274 calories (carb and fats will be off most likely)." filling will 2 cups of potato chips be? You are much better off eating an apple and peanut butter for 250 calories..and getting protein, fat and fiber (which will make you full) and provide your body with nutrients.

A lot of times, it's easier to rid your house of junk food - not there, can't eat it! Fill your house with these instead:

4. Are you concentrating on your food as you eat? Or mindlessly popping it into your mouth while watching tv, or facebooking? Next thing you have eaten half a box of crackers. And, you're still hungry. Look at your food. Savor the taste of it. Be mindful of what you are eating.

Try pre-portioning out snacks with baggies. 16 wheat thins (1 serving) is 140 calories. Walk to the kitchen, grab one baggie, track, and eat it. Look at the pieces as you eat them, let your mind register that you have 9 left...then 8 left...then 7 left.

Really, really need another serving of them? You walk back into the kitchen, grab another baggie, track it, and repeat.

Anyway...tracking is the number one tool in weight loss. Otherwise you have no idea - and it helps you figure out foods that are high in protein, and good fat, and good fiber.

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Hi, Judy !

You don't have your food diary posted, so I can't see what you are eating or how much. I also don't know how long you've been trying to lose or how much.

When someone tells me they can't control themselves at night, the first thing I ask them is what they eat during the day. many women in an effort to be good and speed up their weight loss will drastically cut their caloric intake. That's not good. I know this is going to sound strange, but a person has to eat in order to lose weight. Eating too little can hinder a person's weight loss.

So, are you eating enough during the day ? Are you eating enough high fiber foods to help keep you full ? Eating foods that are high in fiber take longer for the body to digest. As a result, that helps keep our blood sugar levels more stable. What foods are high in fiber ? Fresh fruit and veggies. Are you eating 6-9 servings ? if not, do your best to try to increase the number of servings of fruit/veggies you eat. The fiber will help keep you full.

What types of foods are you eating ? Are you eating highly processed foods ? If so, consider eating more wholesome foods. Weight loss isn't just about eating less, it's about eating right. When your insides are healthy, that reflects on your outsides.

If you recently decided to cut your calories, it may have been too drastic for your body. example, if you were eating 2500 calories per day, but then cut your intake to 1500 in order to lose weight, your body is wondering where that other 1,000 calories is. You may be trying to lose. Your body just wants to know where that missing food is.

So, you might consider eating a bit more and allowing your body more time to adapt to the new eating routine.

Remember, no one ever became a healthy eater overnight. You're trying to change habits learned over a life time. that's not going to happen overnight, a week, a month or even a year. Change takes time. thus the need to be patient with yourself and your body.

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3/22/14 2:54 P

1- Not all the time. 2- I thought I was. 3- No I eat whole wheat bread. the only time I eat junk food is at night. 4- no I'm either on the Computer and watching TV at the same time.

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3/22/14 2:45 P

Thank you I am emoticon

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3/22/14 1:12 P

hang in there we all have been there it is hard but you can do it

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A: Are you eating enough calories during the day? If you are not eating enough calories by the time dinner comes, you could simply be starving.

B: Are you eating enough protein, fiber and healthy fat? Those are the foods that make you feel and stay full.

C: Do you eat a lot of processed carbs (white bread, junk food)? For some people, eating those types of empty foods actually makes them hungrier - they actually eat those foods, yet are starving 2 hours later.

D: Are you bored after dinner? Sometimes people eat out of boredom

Answer those 4 questions to figure this out.

Additional action steps to take:

Clear your house of any "trigger" foods. On the face of it, sugar free pecan delights sounds fine, but sometimes even if I eat sugar free chocolate...guess what? I just want more and more chocolate.

Try popcorn. Air popped is about 90 calories for 3 cups..oil popped is about 190 for 3 cups, it's also very low in fat, and has a good amount of fiber.

Track your calories meticulously. Look at the number there on your tracker after dinner. Seeing that you are at your allotment for the day can stop you dead in your tracks.

Try chewing sugar free gum.

Brush your teeth - your mind knows that that signals the end of the eating for the day. Do it an hour after dinner.

Do an evening workout. Try yoga, it's a workout...yet is relaxing at the same time (youtube has a ton of free videos).

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3/22/14 12:48 P

I do good during the day. It's after dinner between dinner and bed time. I feel like I going to lose it. I think of something I can eat for example sugar free pecan delights. I will only eat 1 for a snack. But then I don't stop there. I start thinking there is only 2 left so I tell myself eat the other ones and you won't have anymore. Then it doesn't stop there I'll eat anything I can until I go to bed. I don't have anyone I can be accountable to. I need a friend. I've lost 41 pounds since Nov. 2013 all by self. It' getting harder everyday. Can anyone help me. emoticon

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