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5/25/11 9:26 P

Just use a good veggie brush on all your veggies under running water....AND ENJOY!
Dietitian Becky

5/25/11 4:25 P

I too have eaten cucs with the peel on my whole life, and thought the majority of nutrients came from the peel. I would love to try to incorporate more organic produce into my life, but here in Montana it's very difficult to find affordable choices at the grocery store. I guess as I become more educated and ask for helpful hints and tricks I may learn how to eat organic and save some money! Thanks everyone for the input. I am probably gonna keep on truckin the way I have been, until the local farmers market opens, then I know produce will be so much better tasting AND be less "fiddled" with.

TOONGIRL150 Posts: 171
5/23/11 11:42 P

I eat about 85% organic. There are some things which are hard to find and sometimes yes things are a little out of my price range. When I first started trying to eat organic as much as possible my grocery bill sky rocketed however now that I am more experienced my bill is just a little over what it was before. I encourage you to shop around and find the best organic deals and stock up when there's a good price. It is possible to eat organic on a tight budget but it can require a bit of effort and shopping in various places.

ANARIE Posts: 13,175
5/23/11 11:16 P

The people who told you not to eat the peel of a conventionally-grown cucumber would tell you not to eat the skin of any conventional fruit or veggie. Like the other posters here, I eat it all the time. I wouln't worry about it; if the choice is conventional produce or none at all, you're definitely better off with the possible tiny trace of chemicals.

You get more pesticides walking across your neighbor's lawn or being in the same neighborhood with a golf course than you do from eating conventionally-grown produce. If people want to worry about chemicals, they should worry about the fact that any bozo can go into Home Depot and buy the same chemicals that farmers have to get certified to use.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
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5/23/11 9:20 P

I eat the peels of non organic cucumbers too.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
5/23/11 9:05 P

I've been eating the peels of non-organic cucumbers most of my life and I've had no problems. I wash it well. I believe the danger of insecticides in non organic produce is mostly to soft skinned fruit.

5/23/11 7:41 P

Can anyone tell me why it's said not to eat the peel of a non organic cucumber? Isn't scrubbing with a veggie brush and water enough to get the junk off? I am just too broke to buy organic fruit and vegetables, and am wondering what might be on the skin that a veggie brush and water can't get rid of. Thanks in advance for the education.

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