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KIPRUSS3 Posts: 1,473
6/27/09 12:29 P

i have like 5 or 10 bottles (as someone said, needs to be wide mouthed) that I collect from the one time you need water when you are on a tour, or the soda your hubby gets.

anyhow, i use hot tap water, and all kinds of herbal teas. let them sit in the tap water for 1 hour or so, then fridge them. I keep some at work, and lots at the hose always ready to go.

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JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
6/26/09 9:27 P

It depends on how long you leave it in for. You can get tea REALLY strong with hot water, but I've made good sun tea before too. I think it would work great if you just wanted to spruce up some water. : )

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6/26/09 8:43 P

it still works, it just isn't as strong as if you were to steep the tea in hot water. but it helps for some sort of flavor besides...water.

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6/26/09 8:27 P

i have tried that before-i brewed the tea though with hot water. could i really just stick the tea bag in a water bottle without hot water? would that work?

JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
6/26/09 8:23 P

Why not carry a tea bag of your favorite organic herbal tea? You can trim off the string and drop the whole tea bag in your water bottle and an hour later, you have tea!
Simple, portable, easy, no cal, no caffeine, and some herbal tea are naturally sweet. (hmmm, maybe I should patent it?)

Don't forget to be awesome! - Julie, I'm 5'2
I Started with SP Jan 20, 2008 at 158 lbs. My goal range is to stay within 135-130 lbs.
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TWOSTICKS Posts: 1,761
6/26/09 5:15 P

I would ttry just using natural things in your water - like slices of citrus fruit, or ginger, or whatever flavour you like.
I worked with a guy that was always putting "stuff" in his water. I think the weirdest thing I saw was a vanilla bean in his water bottle!

Just make sure your water bottle or jug has a big enough hole to get the stuff out. I made that mistake once with a nalgene bottle and a slice of lemon. It was a pain the ass to get out!

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KIPRUSS3 Posts: 1,473
6/26/09 4:56 P

I've not yet heard of anything.

My suggestions would be to try fruit juices in your water (like 1/8 a cup per 12 oz maybe), but that's hardly convenient.

ohhhh... celestial seasoning's tea bags. They have some that are designed to go into cold water. If they aren't sweet enough, you could put some stevia into the water.

Tempering Chocolate is a lot like life.
6/26/09 4:25 P

i like crystal light-but i try to ONLY eat all natural/organic foods, and the artificial sweetners give me bad stomach aches.

anyone know of any organic or all natural alternatives to the crystal light powder? perhaps sweetened with stevia or something else? i love the convienence of crystal light on the go-but hate the stomach aches/guilt!!

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