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organic, yes or no?

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11/13/12 9:59 A


Posts: 1,420
11/13/12 9:28 A

I just don't believe the hype, another way to charge more for the same thing. emoticon

Posts: 11,447
11/13/12 9:13 A

It is over rated !!!!

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11/13/12 9:06 A

yes to some of the food - milk, meat, some veggies/fruits. I also have a garden where i have my veggies from end of June to Thanksgiving.
I found out that if I cook from scratch, it saves a lot of $$$, so I can afford buying more org. food

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11/13/12 8:51 A


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11/13/12 8:49 A


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11/13/12 8:21 A

I want to yes, I can't afford it no

Posts: 3,026
11/13/12 8:16 A

something yes..........Most things no

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Posts: 9,968
11/13/12 7:57 A

Generally no. Too expensive and over hyped. I wash my fruits and vegetables no matter. I do buy some foods like Enjoy Life granola at my local co-op because they're good and oat free (allergies) and not because they're organic.

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Posts: 4,437
11/13/12 7:20 A

No-not sure it is worth it.

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11/13/12 7:02 A

usually no

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11/13/12 7:01 A


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Posts: 2,259
11/13/12 4:30 A

I'm nearly 70, and at my age I don't think it matters. But my son has always eaten organically, because he wanted healthy children. I think it's more important for the young and those in their childbearing years.

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Posts: 5,673
11/13/12 4:13 A

Can't really afford it but I think conventionally grown produce looks better because you won't find bugs or bug holes.

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Posts: 2,718
11/13/12 2:49 A

Yes, but I don't go crazy about it. I found, after reading, that it's a lot of hype anyhow and not always a big difference, but always a higher price!

Posts: 4,132
11/13/12 12:29 A

Not usually

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11/12/12 11:21 P


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Posts: 2,351
11/12/12 11:14 P


Posts: 7,380
11/12/12 11:09 P

Some items but not everything

Posts: 5,781
11/12/12 11:04 P

Absolutely!!! Missing farmers market, just for that reason alone! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/12/12 11:01 P


I met a local guy who showed me how to grow my own year round with no fertilizer or watering needed. Some of your food loses up to 80% of it's nutrition in a few short hours after it is picked. I found that if I buy organic food, save seeds and plant them in the yard at the right time, they grow and that's the last time I have to buy that item. It may be expensive at first but then it becomes cheaper and you can feed friends, family and neighbors off a few square feet of garden. I can spend 10 minutes a day in my garden and add years to my life.

Posts: 5,802
11/12/12 10:49 P

yes - and grow my own

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11/12/12 9:04 P


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Posts: 6
11/12/12 7:39 P

I try to for the "dirty dozen" and we try to buy from local places for things like dairy/eggs/fish. For things like dried pasta and general pantry goods we don't really bother, it tends to be too expensive (and I'm not sure at this point if it makes any difference.)

Posts: 294
11/12/12 7:31 P

whenever I can-especially if it is less then 50% more than conventional-good for soil, health, nutrition, small farmers. Pretty much always buy the "Dirty Dozen" in organic too.

Posts: 1,782
11/12/12 6:41 P

There are some items I ALWAYS buy organic, many others that I'll buy organic as often as possible.

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Posts: 3,775
11/12/12 6:23 P


Posts: 69
11/12/12 5:57 P

I usually buy organic unless the price is too astronomically high. Our grocery prices are so high in Alberta that paying $10 for a gallon of organic milk (versus $4.77 for non organic milk) is not always feasible! 1lb of organic butter here is about $10 as well. Organic produce is a bit better priced in the summer as we can buy local.

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Posts: 182
11/12/12 4:41 P

I buy what I can afford, which really isn't much. I tend to buy organic lettuce the most because we eat salads everyday and it tends to last longer. I wish we could just grow our own! Hopefully, one day that dream will come true!

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11/12/12 4:39 P


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11/12/12 4:25 P

As I can afford

SparkPoints: (259,600)
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Posts: 20,265
11/12/12 4:18 P

Yes I buy organic. Always when it comes to "The Dirty Dozen" and most other things too.
It makes a difference. The difference in price cannot be measured against the health of you and your loved ones. DDT is legal in Mexico, and much of your typical supermarket produce comes from South of the American border. If you eat a fruit or veggie grown in another country, chances are that the crate was sprayed with toxic pesticides before being shipped to America. Organic bananas are a joke and a deception. APHIS requires that all bananas be spread to prevent bugs that may damage our crops. An example of one bug kept out of America is that fruit fly from the Mediterranean. All foreign crates are sprayed before you
eat their contents. emoticon

Posts: 963
11/12/12 3:19 P

i am really living in a fog when it comes to my food purchases. I just buy the first piece of produce I see, regardless of whether it's organic or not, and I don't check the price.

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Posts: 150
11/12/12 3:06 P

I only buy organic if the price isn't to much different. I wont spend more then a dollar or two different.

SparkPoints: (24,406)
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Posts: 833
11/12/12 3:02 P

doesn't matter

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11/12/12 2:54 P


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11/12/12 2:45 P


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11/12/12 2:33 P


Posts: 2,000
11/12/12 2:15 P


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Posts: 4,343
11/12/12 2:06 P

on some things

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Posts: 1,518
11/12/12 2:05 P

Can't say - because those that make the rules will not define "organic!"

I don't like chemicals, but I also don't like dead bugs, bug holes, or fertilizer...natural or otherwise...on my food.

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Posts: 15,034
11/12/12 1:46 P

as much as possible

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11/12/12 1:39 P


Posts: 312
11/12/12 1:38 P

I agree... fresh (local), organic, then frozen. Earth Fare is a great grocery store, and if you're careful and watch for sales/use coupons, the cost is not significantly different that shopping at Kroger's. They are quite a bit more reasonable than Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

SparkPoints: (73,477)
Fitness Minutes: (51,429)
Posts: 3,488
11/12/12 1:38 P

No, I don't buy organic. I can't afford it and I also don't think it makes much of a difference.

Posts: 2,667
11/12/12 1:31 P

local first
fresh next
doesn't matter whether organic, because by the time it gets here (if it's not local); then it's often poor quality

frozen after that

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Posts: 2,171
11/12/12 1:26 P

I would eat all organic for fruits, veggies, and especially meats if I could afford it. But, I cannot. So I do what I can when stuff goes on sale. I care more about where the food comes from (ie is it local) than if it's organic or not.

However, I think, if it comes in a box, who cares if it's organic. It's processed. Trader Joe's sells a boxed "organic" white cheddar and shells. It's tasty, but really, is powdered cheese REALLY organic? LOL

Edited by: YOJULEZ at: 11/12/2012 (13:26)

Posts: 5,070
11/12/12 1:17 P

I also buy as much as I can. I research daily and find farmers that I can trust. A lot of people on this site would say it is not necessary and a waste of money, but i disagree. Though it is hard to believe if it says organic is it really truly. That is why it is so important to know and trust who you are getting your food from. With the failure of PROP 37 about companies adding a line that says the product you are about to consume contains GMO's, I have found not to really trust labels. But on the other hand it also was a success since so many people were talking about it right after. Now maybe people will look more fully at organic and make the better informed choice.
Though I agree that not everything I eat in fruits and veggies HAS to be organic, the majority of what I eat is. To me, the food tastes fresher, it lasts longer, and i get enough toxins in my system by breathing the air I don't need it in my food as well.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
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Posts: 5,855
11/12/12 1:12 P

PURECOUNTRY29, I am glad you can afford it. We cannot so I will continue to do as we have been for over 78 years. I can guarantee that anyone who has eaten carrots will die ... someday.

Posts: 866
11/12/12 12:56 P

I have recently been studying a lot about health and the chemicals in our food. Especially since so many young kids are being diagnosed with cancer and other life changing illnesses. In my studies I have made the decision to buy as much organic as i possibly can. I wondered If anyone else has done the same. Recently I found an all organic supermarket called Earth Fare. You can check it out online

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