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8/17/13 9:11 A

I love this workout so far! I finished week 2 yesterday. I've seen a couple of inches lost all around so far, but granted, I don't have much to lose from, I just wanted an extra challenge by doing it.

It definitely is hard, but the 2nd week was easier since I already was getting the hang of the routines from week 1.

DIONNE1972 Posts: 1,041
8/16/13 8:28 P

we are on Week 2 day 5 of Focus T25. it is really been good so far. it is not east but it is not impossible either. I have really enjoyed the good sweat that I get going in those 25 minutes. I really like the fact that it is truly 25 minutes. if you do the cool dow it is no more than 228.5 minutes. except on friday when it is a double up day where he wants you to do 2 workouts. the great thin about them is you don't have to do them back to back and can even do the second one on saturday if you need to. great program so far.

NURSEMATE49 Posts: 22
8/16/13 4:05 P

My son who is a beach body coach just ordered me Shaun T I focus work out I getting excited about this journey I am on

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