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11/5/12 8:22 P

Thank you all for your generous support and suggestions!



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10/13/12 9:46 P

workout days off are very ok. your body will often come back better to continue after a day off. food days off are going to happen, especially on special occassions. I would try to minimize the damages on those days with portion control. as long as you keep on losing like you are in the long run does it matter. personnally if I am going to binge I want to make sure I eat something really good, like steak. somehow it makes it worth it.

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10/13/12 6:33 A


Don't beat yourself up because you "over do it" once a month. I take it you're referring to cravings resulting from your monthly cycle ? As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Let's put a positive spin on your monthly cravings.

Even though you may be eating a bit more than you want during your cycle, you still lost 30 pounds !! That means you ARE doing something right !! And well, if you did lose 30 pounds, it means that those days you do over eat aren't as bad as you think.

The fact is, there will be days we eat more than others. It happens. As long as it doesn't happen every single day, you'll be fine. Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control.

So, don't worry, just do your best to be mindful of those portions during the times you feel like you want to eat anything that isn't nailed down.

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10/13/12 5:37 A


One or two days a month just are not going to affect your overall progress, I don't think. I think we are supposed to take a day off from exercise anyway, right?

As for the eating, unlessmyouremeating to the point of making yourself sick those days, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

I budget I. For treats I want, but I look at this entire process as not dieting, rather it's just a different way of eating. I still eat the things I enjoy in moderation within the parameters my goals and SP tells me is healthy.

The yo-yo issues always come from diets. Diets don't work, not for the long haul. New ways of looking at eating least for my daughter and I.

Congrats on those 30 pounds. That's just awesome! You are obviously doing so,etching right. Remember, 3500 calories is a pound, so really, an off day or two are fine.

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10/13/12 4:17 A

I don't have those problems now, but when I did, I just used to go with it if I couldn't stop myself. It happens once a month!

I often suggest that people allow one day per every two weeks to eat whatever they want. The rationale behind this is that this journey isn't about deprivation or boredom. Perhaps you could ensure that a couple of your meals are really good and well managed, and just let the one where the temptations get the better of you be your 'treat'. You could extend that 'two weeks' to once a month, but eat at the lower end of your range for most of the rest to accommodate it. Also, having some LITTLE treats (a LITTLE bar of really good dark chocolate rather than a big bar of milky chocolate, etc.) in the house but bought at those times might help. Just nibble on a piece and put the rest away until temptation overcomes you again. Don't go beating yourself up for it!

As far as the exercise is concerned, perhaps there is something that you might enjoy - getting out for a wander around your neighbourhood rather than a brisk walk or hard gym work-out. might be more enticing. It would certainly be a lot better than nothing.

Apart from that, you have lost a considerable amount of weight, so you have obviously been doing something right :-)


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10/12/12 9:14 P

I think you are doing great; 30lbs lost is awesome.
I think a couple of days per month of our routine is typical and healthy. I think it alleviates the risk of nutritional deficiencies that can accompany rigidity. The only 3 things I encourage people to view as roadblocks to optimal health are refined sugar of any kind, flour, and trans fats.

CARPEDIEM1818 Posts: 16
10/12/12 7:36 P

Once a month for a few days it's hard to motivate to eat/drink right, and work out. What have you found helpful to manage this? Typically I end up compensating when it's over, but it would be nice to just stay on track in the first place.


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