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olive oil

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Posts: 4,848
3/7/13 3:31 A

I use even "worse" than regular... I use something called olive pit oil which is probably not available in the US. It's all the same nutritionally. It just relates to how the oil is extracted from the olive.

When I was living in an olive-growing region, I used to help with the olive gathering and would go to the local olive press to have it pressed. Ever since tasting the olive oil streaming out of the olive press, I no longer try to find "good" olive oil for sale. Nothing can come close to that so it's not worth the effort to me. I just buy whatever the cheapest Greek olive oil I can find is. As long as it's green and local, it's good enough for me.

When I'm lucky, a friend who has his own trees will give us a few liters of oil. It's so good I just drink it straight. In small quantities though!!

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3/6/13 8:19 P

Where it comes to Olive Oil, depending what I want to use it for is what guides me as to the choice.

For cooking I NEVER use Extra Virgin - only the standard or the light if I'm using the Olive Oil - the flavour of the oil doesn't interfere with what I am doing

If I am doing something at a high temperature, I don't use Olive Oil, but rather Rice Bran Oil - it has a higher smoking point than Olive Oil.

For cold dressings on salads or on breads is the only time I use Virgin Olive oil - GREAT for that.

My favourite all-rounder, tho', is Rice Bran Oil - it covers all bases.


Posts: 26,391
3/6/13 8:12 P

For overall health benefits, any variety will be fine.

SP Dietitian Becky

Posts: 679
3/6/13 5:52 P

Extra virgin oil; it has more of the the antioxidants.

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Posts: 2,171
3/6/13 4:37 P

I only use organic extra virgin olive oil as well. But, be careful as to what brands you buy. I buy it at Costco. There was a report out a couple years ago stating that a lot of brands of olive oil claim to be pure olive oil, but they're actually not, many of them are blends that may contain canola or seed/nut oils. The Kirkland brand at Costco was one they said actually was OK, and it ends up being cheaper than most of the grocery store brands anyway.

Found to have be fraudulently labeled as Extra-Virgin:
Whole Foods
Rachel Ray
Newman's Own
Filippo Berio

Found to be accurately labeled as Extra-Virgin:
Kirkland Organic
Corto Olive
California Olive Ranch
McEvoy Ranch Organic

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Posts: 458
3/6/13 4:30 P

I use nothing but organic extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressed) - it's a personal choice on my part, but I believe it tastes better, is more pure and less processed. But I'm sure you will get lots of different opinions.

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Posts: 9,570
3/6/13 4:28 P

I vastly prefer EVOO when it comes to prep and cooking. I use it for the flavor, and LOVE it. I don't eat it on salads and stuff, but if I'm cooking something that asks for olive oil, it's EVOO or nothing. ;)

Posts: 2,244
3/6/13 4:17 P

Nutrition-wise they are basically the same.

Taste-wise, use "pure" when doing regular cooking (as it's cheaper) and use Extra Virgin when the taste of the oil really matters (i.e. when dressing a salad).

SparkPoints: (27,448)
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Posts: 218
3/6/13 3:32 P

Which olive oil is better for a person virgin olive oil or regular olive oil? I have been using regular olive oil.

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