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6/22/11 6:15 A

you've already started- do one thing new or different each day- plan those meals and snacks. Don't shop when you're hungry, start drinking your water today. Walk instead of sit- just start again with the small and build back up!
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6/22/11 6:06 A

Are you planning your meals and snacks? What do you feel can help you get on track? What are the barriers you have? If you can sit down plan and look at what helps or what hurts your progress. Then make changes. For ex if you are a meal skipper making sure to have all meals and balanced. If you are not exercising set a time to do so

6/22/11 4:17 A

hi, iv gone off track and really finding it hard to get back on, my weight has increased, but i have now swapped chips for boiled potatoes. I could do with some advice and encouragement. thanks

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