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2/7/14 8:41 A

I have seen a registered dietitian a couple of times and loved every experience. The woman I've seen is very good at talking about skills I need to improve my eating habits.

I have celiac disease (which means I have to eat gluten-free) and she had me look at different foods and tell her if they had gluten in them based on the ingredient list. Another time she gave me a list of ways to eat less at meals, and then asked me to circle the ones that I think I could do/would be willing to try, and then we talked about it.

Good luck and I hope there isn't anything seriously wrong with you!

2/6/14 11:29 A

I saw a dietitian once, it was a good experience. Start tracking your food now if you aren't already. For me just that helped me pin point some issues with what I was eating and when. Also note any changes in your life, stress,and medications or supplements.

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2/6/14 9:01 A

You definitely want to make sure that you go see a Registered Dietitian since they are the ones that have to pass a state licensing exam. Nutritionists don't need any special tests or educational backgrounds to call themselves nutritionists. Given that you don't have a good idea of why you gained the weight, it might be a good idea to have your doctor run a thyroid panel (blood tests) to check your hormone levels.

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2/6/14 8:54 A

Hi all about 6months ago I gained 15-20 lbs in the span of 2 months- no idea why. Didn't have any major changes in diet, I eat pretty healthy, and I'm fairly active (I like to run). I am a lot happier now that I was at a lower weight. Ever since this period I have had great difficulty loosing any weight (I've lost weight before). I also got the Mirena IUD about a year ago and have basically no period but lots of bloating. I've upped up my tracking and my exercising (joined a great gym) but I just can't seem to make a dent in this weight! I'm thinking about seeing a nutritionist/dietician so they can look over what I'm eating and maybe make some suggestions. Anybody have any experience with seeing one and do you think its worth it (cost-wise)? I am ready to try anything at this point! Oh and yes I'm also getting blood work done to rull out any medical condition.

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