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10/11/13 7:05 P

If you have the tracker set to adjust your caloric intake based on how many calories you burn through exercise, and you are burning fewer calories each day than you were before (as reported by your fitness tracker) then your daily calorie allowance would be lower too. If you burn as many calories as you did on the first day you'll probably see that number go back up.

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10/11/13 6:07 P

yes calorie intake. All of that. Total fat, carbs and so on. I have been walking everyday for exercise and it all keeps going lower. I have been doing great staying right in my range everyday.

10/11/13 3:30 P

Please share more.
Are you talking about your calorie range?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

10/11/13 3:18 P

It is most likely because you are exercising. The Nutrition tracker will change your calorie goals to compensate for exercise so that you don't consume too few calories.

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10/11/13 1:08 P

Why do my goals change everyday? Today is day 3 for me and all three days my goals of what to eat have changed. Does anyone know why that is? emoticon

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