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5/7/14 3:38 P

On the fitness page, you can map your walk. If you use the tool, you can save it.

TANITHSEH1011 Posts: 217
5/7/14 3:06 P

If you go to your nutrition page and go down and click on nutrition settings. Once the page loads scroll down and uncheck "I want to use Spark People's meal plans" It will take off the suggestions.

I don't know about your step tracking however. When I was doing mine manually it was on the older version. Sorry.

Hope I was at least a bit helpful.

5/7/14 1:43 P

I saw they have changed the nutrition board so now I am confused. I have not been on here for a few months so when I logged on and went to the nutrition page I was confused. I also saw some things already listed (maybe they were examples) under each categories but I know it is not stuff I would enter or eat.

Also, I walked 37 minutes today but not sure how to enter it in the fitness page. I do not have anything to track the miles or steps yet so I just walked.

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