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11/24/11 11:57 P

Usually when I eat anything made with milk, for example: cake,cookies,milk chocolate,certain breads,I have a reaction. Usually I get flem running in the back of my throat that will cause me to keep swallowing. When I don't eat milk products I am usually pretty normal. I guess I don't really know what to call it but this is my reaction to dairy.
Thank you for your quick responses.
Take care,

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11/24/11 10:51 A

Read the label on the bread very carefully. Most whole wheat bread does NOT have milk in it; you just happen to have run across an unusual brand that does.

Also, are you lactose intolerant, or are you actually allergic to milk? There's a pretty big difference-- as Becky said, most people with lactose intolerance can still eat a lot of products with small amounts of dairy. If you're allergic, you should use that word so other people know to avoid giving you ANY dairy products.

11/23/11 8:59 P

When in the MY NUTRITION TRACKER, you can type in the search bar: rye bread, or italian bread. You can select the one you are using and add it to your meal.

As a dietitian, I must say that you are the first person with lactose intolerance I have ever come in contact with that has a problem with bread that contains milk. The amount is so small per serving. Interesting.

Dietitian Becky

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11/23/11 7:27 P

I have all my weekly meals set up for me under the "my nutritian" category.
I am lactose intolerant. I can only eat breads that don't contain lactose.
For example: Whole wheat breat contains milk. I can eat rye or Italian bread
because they don't contain dairy products. When I click on the substitution list
I don't see those alternate breads. What can I do? Is there a way to change the diet
plan to include all non dairy substitues? I can eat most Kraft cheese products
because they specifically have the statement on their packaging that reads
"lactose free".
Thank you,

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