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6/13/13 4:36 P

I agree. If you've lost an inch, that means there's probably some muscle gained and some fat that was evicted! I think that's a good thing.

6/13/13 2:01 P

remember that the scale is only one measurement tool.

Last year, over the course of 3 months, I lost 2 pounds according to the scale, but went down an entire clothing size. I also noticed things like how my thighs went from looking like a stuffed sausage, to being jiggly. Jiggly is a good thing!

So just because the scale isn't moving downwards by leaps and bounds, doesn't mean that you aren't making progress.
Would I have liked for my scale to move downward? Of course, but I was just as happy if not happier with my loss of a pants size.


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6/12/13 2:19 P

The scale isn't the only way to prove you're doing great. Measurements are also a tool you can use -- and your measurements are telling you that you are getting FIT!

Remember that your scale doesn't weigh your fat. It weighs your muscles, organs, and water too. So if you drank a whole bunch of water, or if you're having your period, or if you've lost fat and gained muscle, you might weight the same! So please don't use it as the only tool to your success.

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6/12/13 1:51 P

Also forgot to throw in that I HAVE been low in everything as recommended with 1-2 days of a little more than recommended. Sodium intake due to lack of food in the house....

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6/12/13 1:46 P

The number has stayed the same, but my stomach has a fat-packs and yea, lost an inch around waist but even after all the muscle making and exercising....why is it the same number as when I started??

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