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7/24/14 10:08 A

Hi and Welcome Back to Sparkpeople! emoticon emoticon

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7/24/14 7:08 A

Welcome back and best wishes!

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7/23/14 10:26 P

Welcome back Kim! You can totally do this! Just stick with it and focus on your final goal!

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7/23/14 9:21 P

Welcome Back!
This is a welcoming, supportive community. And being active on your Spark Teams is a great way to stay accountable and motivated.

Best of luck as you continue your Spark journey.

Northern Ky.

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-Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

"Most people don't change until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing."

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7/23/14 8:08 P


7/23/14 5:04 P

hi :) my name is kim. i was on here back in 2010 and then have been back on and off since then. i lost a lot of weight on spark people and slowly went back to my old habits (darn junk food! & emotional eating) - and have gained some weight back. i am here for once and for all. i am not going to give up on myself this time. this time is different.

i am totally convinced that my husband is trying to mess me up ... but you know... he doesn't make me eat anything... i am responsible for everything that i eat. i feel just frustrated watching him buy the things that i love and cannot really eat if i'm tracking my calories. just today - we were in tim hortons & he bought a pretzel bagel and a tea biscuit ... in hopes that i would eat the pretzel bagel. really? i didn't ask him to buy me anything.... i guess he just "assumed" that i would eat it. oh, and the other day - he brought home something from dairy queen... i looked on the nutritional label - and it said "1130 calories". omg! how can i *not* feel like he is trying to get me to go further up the scale when he does things like that? :(

i used to weigh 405 pounds. i was not a happy person. in 2010 - when i logged on here - i decided to ditch the junk food, diet pop/soda and go to the gym. i got my weight down to 250 pounds. then, i had some stuff happen & being an emotional eater - i turned back to my good ol' friends ... cupcakes and cookies. right now i'm at 303 pounds. i don't *want* to go back up to 405 pounds. i just feel like if i started eating the things my husband buys me (as treats/surprises) i would see 405 pounds on my scale in no time. it is so frustrating and i have told him how i feel about it. i just don't understand why he does what he does. :(

well, i have said a lot.. if you want to drop by my page ... feel free ;) and i am looking for online support... because clearly i don't have very much of a support system at home at all. i will return the favor and be your support line too (if you need one!).

thanks for reading my bio/intro :) have a nice night (or day) :)


“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
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