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2/21/13 1:07 P

It really doesn't matter WHERE he sets the point of "next day" as long as he consistently sticks to that hour of change.

24 hours is 24 hours regardless of start time!

So picking when he wakes, say 5pm is the start of the day, the tracker has no times on it, and if his breakfast is a 6pm, track it in the breakfast slot since thats what it is!

BLBST36 Posts: 351
2/21/13 12:26 P

He can still go back and put things in for the day before, even if the next day is appearing on the tracker and still count it as the same day. No need to move to the next day until he wakes up again

SHORT321 Posts: 16
2/21/13 12:23 P

This is for my husband, he works overnights and is really trying to track his calories however he isn't really sure how to seeing as he sleeps most of the morning and afternoon then works all night. i suggested just starting from when he wakes up but it eventually resists into the next day. any other suggestions or if somebody else is in this situation would be amazing :)

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