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ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
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9/14/12 10:03 A

i tried to eat more this morning and now i feel over full and blaaaa, not good so trieing to eat more is now going to work

9/14/12 7:49 A

Yes, "planned exercise" is also factorored in, but it is a much smaller effect; therefore I was asking about the "biggies" to get an estimate.


GORIANA Posts: 3,614
9/13/12 8:10 P

Isn't activity time also calculated into the suggestions? When I workout more, the suggestions for me go up. When I say I will not workout, they suggested ranges go down.

Goriana, So Cal, USA
9/13/12 8:03 P

If you want me to check the calculations, please share your gender, age, height, weight.
If you want, you can e-mail me privately this information and I will check. It still think something is in error. Are you aiming for 2 pounds lost weekly??

ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
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9/13/12 6:10 P

thanks i will do that

LIZ1147 SparkPoints: (6,596)
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9/13/12 4:24 P

Don't eat more if you are already full. You could always adjust your activity level. It's important to meet your calorie goals. You can always add a protein shake or Greek yogurt to your diet...good sources of protein, and generally 130+ calories, which will help you get closer to your calorie goal.

ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
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9/13/12 3:49 P

ok i got it and everything was right but the calories in take they set for me was still so high so i chg them to a lower one that i can do

9/13/12 3:21 P

Let's first check to make sure you have entered your info correctly.
Perhaps there is just a mess up with pounds vs kilograms used.

To check your settings and restart your program, click above on"

In small red letters at the top left side of the screen, click on "account e-mail preferences"
Scroll down and select reset program.
Now go through the start up phase again.
Make sure your height and weight are entered accurately; as well age gender.
make sure you enter correctly your weekly rate of weight loss---(1-2 pounds)

Now report back your calorie level.

SP Dietitian Becky

ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
Fitness Minutes: (190)
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9/13/12 2:42 P

how do chg it so that it is lower

ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
Fitness Minutes: (190)
Posts: 20
9/13/12 2:41 P

thanks i will try to eat more

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
9/13/12 2:31 A

2740-3090 is very, very, high! I would double check everything and make sure your figures are correct. Even so, 1000 calories is too low. It is important to eat enough calories to give the body all the nutrients it needs to function. You should try to eat more.


There are no shortcuts. No magic bullets. No secret spells. What works is hard work, dedication, and a daily dose of chocolate.
ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
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9/13/12 12:04 A

they ha e it set at 2740-3090 and i take in between 800 - 1000...

9/12/12 3:39 P

What is your SP calorie range?
What is your daily intake on average?
Dietitian Becky

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,536)
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9/12/12 3:24 P

It is important to meet your minimum calorie needs for good health. Eating fewer calories than recommended will not make you lose weight faster, and can lead to nutritional deficiencies. For tips on how to boost your calorie intake, check out this article:

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ANGELKISSESMMM SparkPoints: (470)
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9/12/12 3:19 P

i am not eating all the calories that is set for me in here , should i eat more or just keep eating what im doing emoticon

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