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2/13/13 12:13 P

When I weigh myself I always try to do it first thing in the morning - just as several other people mentioned I can gain 5 pounds during the day because I drink so much water...

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2/13/13 10:19 A

Remember that it takes 3500 calories ON TOP OF YOUR BMR to make you gain a single pound! To gain 3, you would have had to overeat by 10,500 pounds. That didn't happen. My weight can vary by 5# in a single day based on hydration, etc.

Stay away from the scales for a while and focus on non-scale victories. How are you feeling? Do you feel healthier? Shake up your diet a little. Eat on the lower end of your scales on one day and higher on the next. Know, too, that muscle weighs more than fat- the good news is that it takes up less space and burns more calories!

emoticon You WILL succeed!

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2/13/13 9:58 A

Keep pressing on--you will notice cycles that you will pass through day by day..and eventually you come to know them and what to expect--generally--there is always potential for surprise. I am often up a little on the day after an intense workout, but back down a few days later--that's my pattern--you will find yours. Sorry you are frustrated--that can be really hard. Believe in yourself, and you will reach your goals!

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2/13/13 9:07 A

Keep on doing the right things for the right reasons and the results will follow!

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2/13/13 8:23 A

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2/13/13 8:08 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Glad you're Here!!

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2/12/13 1:40 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

Sorry about your frustration. Sadly our bodies don't drop in a straight slope and I know how disappointing it is not to see that loss each week. Just press on and it will eventually show up. You are on the right path!

This is a great place to get healthy! There are so many tools, resources, and encouraging people to help you on your journey to "Health & Fitness". Be sure to poke around the site and try the nutrition and fitness trackers, Spark Recipes, Daily Spark, health articles, and secrets.

Joining a team will help you meet like-minded people that share similar life situations or goals. Be sure to read member blogs as there is a wealth of information there. You can start with one of mine:

If you have further questions or just want to chat, stop by my Sparkpage or send me a Sparkmail. Just click on the button under my profile picture on the left.

Press On!

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2/12/13 1:30 P

broke my workout record today in cals used, never exceeded my cals eaten, really pleased with my weight loss, then it goes back up3 pounds and I haven't eated anything extra!! still determined just frustrated!

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